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Are Your Kids Being Bullied? Here’s How to Help Them Deal With Stress

200181253-001Bullying is an issue which kids of all ages, races and genders have to deal with at one point or another. There are schoolyard bullies, mean girls bullies, mean girl cliques and high school bullies whose verbal or physical threats are frightening to their victims. If you think that your kid is a victim of any kind of bullying at school or in your neighborhood, here’s how you as a parent can help them deal with stress:

Be aware of the early signs of bullying.

Be mindful of any unusual behavior. The common symptoms that your kid is being bullied are tummy aches, making up excuses to not go to school, changed daily routines or loss of appetite. Kids may exhibit changes in personality such as defiance, anger or irritability. They could also be changes in their sleep and study habits. These may not all be indicators of bullying but they signify that something is wrong and you as a parent should find out what’s going on. Visible signs such as torn clothes, bruises or marks on the skin are also red flag signs of bullying.

Always ask how your kid’s day at school went – and listen.

Ask questions that will lead them to talk about their social situation. This should be done even before bullying starts. Listen to them well so they will feel your assurance and support.

Be a role model to your kid. 

As parents, it is up to you to be a good example to your kids. This way, they will not stand up to being bullied, or grow up to be bullies themselves. Use positive language and behavior in your own parent-child relationship, something which will help them treat others appropriately. Educate your child using positive words but do correct their impolite actions or inappropriate behavior when dealing with others.

Help develop your child’s self-confidence. 

Make children feel good about themselves. Children with high self-esteem are less likely to be bullied, nor will they have difficulties dealing with bullying. Reinforce good behavior that you would want to see from them by telling them the unique qualities they possess.

Help them develop the skills necessary to cope up with possible bullying. 

If bullying already happened, let your child know that it’s not his or her fault and you are there to help. Share your feelings with them so they will not hesitate talking with you. Help develop their emotional intelligence by showing the difference between being aggressive and being assertive, as well as being mean versus being strong.

Ensure that bullying is not happening at home. 

If bullying or a lot of fights are happening inside the home, kids are most likely to bring the same behavior outside. They are most likely to bully others to take back that sense of control which apparently lack at home. Parents must not tolerate bullying and an excellent way to prevent raising a bully is by turning the environment inside the home to be a loving, giving one.

Coordinate with the people in charge at school in cases of bullying. 

The school teachers, guidance counsellor and principal might not even be aware that bullying is taking place. Report any incident and get involved in the school’s anti-bullying programs. Parents and teachers must work hand in hand to ensure that bullying issues are addressed appropriately.

With the improvement of technology and the increased use of social media, unjust behavior resulting to bullying can really happen anywhere. Adults should take a firm stand against bullying and not simply treat it as a phase that every child has to go through. Being mindful of what’s happening in your child’s life is a must so that you can detect the early signs of bullying, or prevent it from occurring at all.

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