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Kevin “caught on tape” (rare interview reveals BIG secrets of meditation)

Check out this rare interview with Kevin recorded in 2008. It was intended for our ears only, but I thought it would be fun to let you “spy” on our private conversation:

You’ll hear the story of how Kevin developed Core Energy Meditation, why and how it works, and why you want to practice it.

For me, I’ve been blessed to work directly with some of the greatest masters on the planet in the last 20 years.

Several teachers, who I consider to be among “the greats,” have profoundly influenced me and what I’m able to share with you, and for that I am deeply grateful.

** Kevin Schoeninger is one such teacher in my life… **

For me, his Core Energy Meditation system places all the key pieces of the meditation puzzle together into a single practice that covers all your “energetic bases”. In the following short audio, you’ll discover:

* The 4 dimensions of your being and how you can best activate these energies with meditation.

* What meditation has to do with “whole body enlightenment?”

* Your three main energy centers and how can you open, clear, and integrate them into your practice.

I hope you enjoy this rare interview with Kevin. I think you’ll learn a lot about how you can make meditation work best for you:

Enjoy your practice,

– Matt & Kevin

The Mind-Body Training Company

P.S. If you want to learn the best ways of calming your mind and raising your WHOLE energetic vibration, then I highly encourage you check to out this rare interview with Kevin.

This conversation was intended for our ears only. We didn’t think anyone else would ever hear it. But because so many of you are asking questions about “Core Energy Meditation”, Kevin and I thought it made sense to let you listen in. Go please, go listen here and enjoy:

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