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Last Chance for “Inner Freedom Checklist” Session with Matt!

This is the last reminder — to claim your free 1-to-1 session with me and get your customized “Inner Freedom Checklist“.

Snapshot 10 cropped brightLast week I announced I’m looking for a dream client to work with 1-to-1 — to help you “get unstuck for good” and make the shift to complete “inner freedom” in this lifetime.

I also explained why I’m setting aside my personal time to speak with you in person, on the phone or Skype. I described how I will sit down together with you, and create your customized “Inner Freedom Checklist”…

What is your “Inner Freedom Checklist”?

Quite simply, it’s your customized checklist of the easiest, highest-leverage, and most fun things you can do to affect YOUR complete and total transformation. It’s completely customized to your lifestyle, starting point, preferences, and tendencies…. Therefore it’s a big shortcut to rapid, easy transformation.

Why am I doing this for free?

Because I love doing this, and also because I know that a percentage of the folks I speak with will end up becoming coaching clients. But rather than try to persuade you on that, I prefer to demonstrate I can help you for free, and then you’ll see for yourself what feels right.

But obviously I can’t be doing these free sessions forever or I’d go broke. So this is your last chance to claim one.

Full details and take the next steps here:

Thank you,

– Matt Clarkson

P.S. In all sincerity, this is not something I can offer for much longer. This will be the final reminder. So if you are really serious about your transformation, I encourage you to take the next step ASAP here:

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