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I Am Finally Clutter Free!

positive womanI’ve been attempting to get rid of things for… well, like forever! It seems that I do really well and then the stuff comes back. So I decided to figure out once and for all why I can’t seem to create space and keep it peaceful and clutter free.

I grew up with parents who lived through the Great Depression and World War II – so I heard a lot of “Waste not, want not” and “We might need that someday so let’s keep it”. I admit I say that latter phrase a lot. Also I say “I spent good money on that” too, so it was important for me to determine if those were the real reasons or was it something else.

I decided to take a hard look at what kept coming back to me and see if I could determine why. Since I have been organizing and de-cluttering forever, I’ve read a lot on these subjects and have tried just about everything. One time I even had an organizer come to my home as well as a Feng Shui specialist… and some of that worked and some did not. I’ve learned and implemented many strategies and processes… and again, some worked and some did not. The most noteworthy piece here is that the clutter and the stuff kept coming back, so in essence nothing was working to my satisfaction.

Being a professional coach and prone to asking my clients insightful questions, I turned my questions on myself. I asked myself what I felt all of the stuff meant to me and why it mattered that I had it. My immediate answer was I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t trust myself to let things go because what if I did need it (yup there it is, my pattern from growing up). Also because I didn’t trust myself, I didn’t feel like I was making ‘good’ decisions… and that is what truly was underneath all of this stuff.

Now, prior to this inner knowing I had suffered a lot of stress, anxiety and frustration over physical items. Because I never felt worthy of making a ‘good’ decision, I caused myself a lot of grief.

It wasn’t until I realized that heck ya, I am worthy of what I want and how I want it, that all of the clutter (aka stress) left my life as quickly as it came. I now have the peace, freedom and fun that I want in my life.

In a recent “What I Know For Sure” Oprah column, she said “I am finally de-cluttered…and I’ve worked hard to get there.” She goes on to say that the answer for her is a daily spiritual practice, silence, stillness and more. It’s interesting. When I read that, I realized that I finally feel that I have de-cluttered not only my physical spaces but my mental and emotional ones as well. Boy, does it feel good!

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Author Bio: Kim Ravida, ACC, ELI-MP is the owner and founder of Kim Ravida Coaching.  Kim helps women in business take a customized approach to create a business that fits their lifestyle, see a regular monthly profit and operating from a position of confidence so that they experience more success and less stress.

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