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How to Stay Calm, Centered and Peaceful Facing Emergency Situations

calm-in-a-crisisNot too long ago I decided to take out the word ‘overwhelm’ from my vocabulary. By simply not letting myself say “I’m so overwhelmed,” it took a lot of stress away. It helped me immensely.  I felt better, freer and more at ease.  Ahh, it was such a great feeling.  I was moving along in my life and it was awesome!

That was until I deleted — by accident — my 2013 and 2014 business financial and tax folders.  See, I thought I was doing a smart thing; I didn’t have them on my computer, I had them on a USB drive.  And for the record, if you don’t know already, when you put things on a USB drive and then delete them… they are gone!  G-O-N-E!  Well, okay, I could get them back by jumping through lots of hoops (which I did) but then I couldn’t open them because they were corrupt.  Corrupt?!  Are you kidding me?  ARGH!  I knew I would have to recreate my current files and I wasn’t happy about it.

Was I overwhelmed? You bet!  Was I stressed out?  You bet!  But this is not an article about steps to keep your documents safe from yourself (but do make sure you have copies of your materials in more than one location). Keep reading.

So I had that day I don’t ever want to repeat and what happens the very next day?  We have a family medical crisis where we had to drop everything and rush to the hospital to confront the unknown.  Was I overwhelmed again?  Yes!  Was I stressed out again?  Yes!

However I realized something and I’d like to share it with you.

In the midst of this chaos, I came “back to my senses” and I realized that what happened was causing me negative emotions, feelings of fear and worry.  Once I acknowledged this, I did not stay in those feeling.  I took a big deep breath (and I mean a big one – probably 10 of them) and said to myself “OK, first I will get the information that I need to determine the steps to take to come to a solution for my situation.”

I can honestly say this helped! I got “out of my head” and all the thoughts about what could happen and what might happen.  I stayed present in my situation and did not have another meltdown.

This brings me to several things for you to do when you find yourself in a circumstance, situation or experience that is challenging (notice I did not say overwhelming or stressful – be careful of your words as they can bring you more of what you don’t want):

  • Acknowledge where you are factually. I got a call saying my family member was rushed to the hospital. That is a fact. When I get there I can learn what the situation is and then be able to find a solution. It does not do any good to let my emotions and my “what-ifs” run wild, nor does it help those around me.
  • Acknowledge your feelings. Yes, I was worried, scared and freaked-out. Acknowledge your feelings and then focus on finding a solution. Stay in the present moment rather than letting your imagination run wild.
  • Choose your words wisely. Be careful to use vocabulary that is constructive and not destructive. Using constructive words can help you and others be positive and solution focused.


So while I did have a couple of very challenging experiences one on top of the other, I did not let them ruin all the strides I’ve made in my quest to stay calm, centered and peaceful. It felt great.  It also felt great to come out of those situations and have everything turn out all right.  Yes, I recreated my files; it didn’t take too long.  And yes, my family member is healing.

I’d like to share a passage from Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now, “Focus your attention on the Now and tell me what problem you have at this moment.”

Author Bio: Kim Ravida is Founder and CEO of Kim Ravida Coaching. Kim works with women and women business owners to structure their lives and businesses in a way that fits them so that they reach their goals, make more money and live their lives with less stress and more success.  She places an emphasis on fun, freedom and practicing good self-care.

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