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How To Remain Calm When You See A Mess

how-to-remain-calm-when-you-see-a-messImagine going back after a tiring day at work to a messy home, which (for the record) was not messy at all at the time you left for work. It’s indeed a very unpleasant feeling to constantly cope with a mess at home, especially if you are the type of person, who really, really dislikes mess.

Many people know exactly what we are talking about. And when such people have to deal with a messy home for one or another reason, there usually comes a moment when they start experiencing a feeling that makes them more than discontent with the messy situation they often face.

Keeping in mind the busy schedules this dynamic life has made us create, it’s absolutely possible for some people to lose their temper sometimes and get angry with all of the objects that are lying all over their homes. Be it a messy spouse, a little child, a room mate or a colleague at work who can’t possibly keep their things in order, it’s necessary for those who can’t live with a mess to learn how to keep calm at such moments and not get angry with the situation.

It’s clear that the one who suffers the most in this case is you, and it’s totally not worth it to lose your temper. So, here are some tips on how to remain calm when you see a mess and not allow it to make you feel too disappointed or angry.

Be Tolerant

When living with a messy person, many people ask themselves the question ‘How is it possible that he/she does not see the problem in it?’ Well, that’s what it really is – messy people don’t see the problem in it.

It’s understandable that you hate seeing a mess at home, and perhaps you have already made that clear. However, try and understand the other party as well.

Even though it might seem as an excuse, it is true that people, who are not bothered by mess simply don’t have the habit, or say the awareness, that things not being in order can be disturbing to others. They don’t see it that way and thus can’t realise how it really feels to those who can’t stand mess. So, keeping that in mind and doing your best to be tolerant, is a good way to decrease your feeling of discontent the next time you go back home and see a mess.

Be Patient

Being patient always help, basically in any situation you might be faced with. So, if you realise that you get angry each time you go back to a messy home (or an office), knowing that it’s most probably you who has to deal with it, try preventing this feeling from occurring too often. The higher level of patience you achieve, the better it is for you own health. And you surely don’t want to let something like this make you blow your top.

Have A Conversation

Let’s say you are really bothered by the mess your, let’s say, spouse is making at home, don’t wait until you get really angry to talk about it. Explain in a gentle manner that you consider this a problem and ask your other half to try and find a solution together. Make yourself understood by explaining calmly and this will most probably show positive results. Respectively, getting mad will only make things worse. Suggest dividing the cleaning tasks at home and sharing the household daily responsibilities or hiring a cleaning company to do the job for you. Getting your spouse involved in the process will give him/her a more clear awareness of the importance of cleaning and maintaining a tidy home.

Alter Your Attitude

Ok, this might seem very complicated to do (or some might say unfair), but the truth is that trying to see this as less of a problem is also better for you. Think about it. It’s just mess. It’s nothing that can’t be repaired and it’s surely not something that you should allow to make you feel bad. Of course, this does not mean that you have to learn to live with a mess. It just means that it’s a good idea to give it a break every now and again and, for example, leave a few pieces of clothing lie on the cabinet without necessarily rushing to put them in order or letting the dirty dishes stay overnight without hurrying to clean them immediately after dinner.

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