Deal With Stress

How to Relieve Your Stress And Improve Your Health At The Same Time

portrait of a mid adult woman jogging in a parkDo you ever try to deal with stress in ways that you know aren’t really good for you? Maybe you come home from work and reach for the wine bottle in the fridge to help you forget the day’s worries, or perhaps you find yourself on the couch with a back of chips eating your problems away. We’ve all been there done that, and if you’re like most everyone else, you know deep down that these methods of stress-relief are only temporary solutions and in the long run, actually make things even worse.

Now that’s not to say that an occasional drink or dessert is bad for you. These can be great ways to treat yourself occasionally, so long as you don’t come to rely on them as the sole method of de-stressing. As you likely already know, food and alcohol can be addictive if you count on them to rescue you every time you feel the slightest bit of anxiety.

Before you start beating yourself up, though, know that there are better ways to relieve stress, and you can begin using them today to get yourself back on track towards a happier, healthier you. If you’re wondering how to relieve your stress without feeling hung over or bloated the next day, then read on!


You’ve heard it said before, but exercise actually is a great way to relieve stress as long as you have the right perspective. Some people avoid exercise because they see it as a chore—something they have to do to look good or be healthy. Instead of looking at your daily walk as just another thing to check off your to-do list, see it as an opportunity to do something good for yourself. If exercise simply isn’t enjoyable for you, try working out with a buddy or listening to an interesting audiobook while you’re burning the stress away.

Schedule Quiet Time.

Our lives are so hectic and fast-paced that it can be difficult to find time to decompress, but if you’re not scheduling in some quiet time for yourself each day, then that’s exactly why you’re feeling so stressed out all of the time! Quiet time is a need—just like food, sleep, and sex. How you choose to use your quiet time is up to you. Take a warm bath, listen to relaxing music, or meditate to relieve stress.

Have Fun

All work and no play makes Jane a stressed out girl! We were meant to enjoy our lives, not toil away day after day. A much as you want to care for other people, know that there is no way on Earth you can do that unless you first take care of yourself. Doing something that you enjoy and have fun doing can foster powerful feelings of joy and contentment. This is the opposite of resentment and negativity—feelings that so many overworked people deal with 24/7. If you really want to know how to relieve your stress, it’s time to get serious about play.

Now that you’re equipped with these 3 easy ways to relieve stress, I want you to go out there and implement them now. Don’t wait until you get complacent and forget about them.  I’m betting this is just what you need to get started on your journey to a stress-free life!

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