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How To Relax Mentally

3It is often hard to know how to relax mentally. We think that if we are okay physically then the mind will follow. In fact, it is the other way around. Often our thoughts dictate our actions. If we can’t get on board mentally, nothing else will get done. The unconscious thoughts are the most harmful. We silently sabotage ourselves without even knowing it.

But, getting in touch with your thoughts takes time and focus. Taking regular breaks can help out with that.

Meditate – You don’t have to sit and hum a mantra. It could be time spent listening to the sounds of nature on your front porch. Practice your breathing to slow down your heart rate and blood pressure. Make sure you are comfortable.

Read a book – When you are reading, you are transported to another place and time far away from your current surroundings. Let your mind take a back seat as you let the words take you away.

Listen to music – Music has the power to conjure up long-forgotten happy times, like when you first heard the song. Revel in your memories and sing yourself into a good mood.

Engage in your favorite hobby – Hobbies have a place in our lives. They make us well-rounded and offer a release from the daily grind. Letting the creative side of your brain loose creates new synapses and enhances your life on the whole. So find something that interests you and pursue it passionately.

Spend time alone – People can expect too much from us at times. If you are a person who can’t resist helping someone when they ask, get away by yourself and just sit. Let your mind wander wherever it chooses as long as it’s not towards work or your next scheduled event.

Keep a journal – What are your thoughts? What goes through your mind? Write it down. Give voice to your fears, hopes, dreams, sorrows and joys. Here, you can say what you need to in order to free your mind from the clutter.

Concentrate on one thing at a time – Women are often guilty of multitasking everything in their lives. The brain has no time to slow down. Learn to focus on one project only for a day or part of a day.

Leave the house as is for a day – Sure, clothes need to be picked up or the dishes need to be washed, but they can wait one day. Give yourself permission to be a person of leisure for once. But, don’t enjoy it too much!

Play a game – Family game night is one way to get the gang all together for a well-deserved mental respite. Have fun, laugh and engage in healthy competition.

Practice positive thinking – Recognize those negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations. Stop sabotaging your life.

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