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How To Love Your Life A Little More

Lauging is one of of the ways how to deal with stress and anxietyThey say that you find happiness when you stop looking for it. This is great and all, but what exactly are you supposed to do in the meantime? How about trying something you probably haven’t done in a while: treat yourself as if you are the happiest person in the world.

No, I’m serious! Start your day by saying “If I was happy, what would I do today?” “If I was happy, I would… ” You’ll find there are endless answers to that question! Maybe you would plant a rose garden, take a photography course, rent a dirt-bike for the day, play peek-a-boo with your niece, or even eat a big bowl of chocolate ice cream with caramel syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry on top!

Yes, I know some things are unrealistic. You have a job to keep, a family to take care of, or endless other responsibilities. But what about the time you don’t think about. The few minutes in between all of that crazy rat-race of life when you’re just about done with it all. That time when you think “I have to do this all over again tomorrow” and that thought just about does you in.

Right then, I want you to say it. Or, at least think it if you have an image to keep. “What would I be doing if I were happy?” The only difference between you and those that are truly happy is that when those miserable thoughts set in, they make a point to do something about it. Happy people DO things. If your life is mundane, paint your bedroom bright pink! If you’re depressed and eating the same cold macaroni from a box every night makes it worse, then by all means, buy some lasagna! If you hate your life because you do the same thing every day, then make a point to wear the most ridiculous socks you can find to change it up a bit! Happy people go for lattes with their best friend. Happy people buy flowers and cards for their loved ones. Happy people take their kids to the park. Happy people live an exciting life because they make it that way.

And yes, I know none of these things sound exciting to you right now because lets face it: you’re down, and it’s awfully hard to get back up. But start asking yourself this question, and use it as a stepping stone. Start doing things that you know you would enjoy; even if you’re too down right now to feel it.

“If I was Happy… ” Finish it yourself.

Find one thing today that you would do if you were happy. Hang out with friends, go to a park, go for a run, make something creative, or anything you can DO to make something different about your day

For me, I started a jewelry shop. (check it out at ) Make your life what you want it to be: DO what you would do if you were happy.

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