Deal With Stress

How to Handle Stress

Do Stress and Anxiety Affect FibromyalgiaStress management refers to the wide range of techniques aimed at controlling a person’s level of stress, especially constant stress, usually for the purpose of improving everyday functioning. Stress produces frequent symptoms which vary according to persons, situations, and harshness. The process of stress management is named as one of the keys to a happy and successful life in modern society. Although life provides many demands that can prove difficult to handle, stress management provides a number of ways to manage worry and maintain overall well-being.

Stress management starts with identifying the sources of stress in your life. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Your true sources of stress aren’t always obvious, and it’s all too easy to overlook your own stress-inducing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Sure, you may know that you’re constantly worried about work deadlines. But maybe it’s your procrastination, rather than the actual job demands, that leads to deadline stress. Many practical stress management techniques are available, some for use by health practitioners and others for self-help, which may help an individual to reduce stress, provide positive feelings of being in control of one’s life and encourage general well-being. The effectiveness of the different stress management techniques can be difficult to assess, as few of them have received significant attention from researchers. So, the amount and quality of evidence for the various techniques varies widely. Some are accepted as effective treatments for use in psychotherapy.

How too much stress affects us

1. Physically The heart pumps faster, making the heart pound and blood pressure rise; some people experience palpitations. Muscle tension increases, leading to headaches, dizziness, jaw ache and even insomnia.

2. Mentally A certain amount of stress can be mentally stimulating, but too much can affect our thinking ability. Thoughts may become jumbled and confused.

3. Emotionally Common emotional effects are irritability, impatience, anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, self-doubt, panic, despondency, feelings, insecurity, hopelessness, unhappiness, emotional removal and depression.


How to avoid unnecessary stress:

1. Avoid people who stress you out: If someone consistently causes stress in your life and you can’t turn the relationship around, limit the amount of time you spend with that person or end the relationship entirely.

2. Express your feelings instead of bottling them up: If something or someone is bothering you, communicate your concerns in an open and respectful way.

3. Be willing to compromise: When you ask someone to change their behavior, be willing to do the same. If you both are willing to turn at least a little, you’ll have a good chance of finding a happy middle ground.

4. Be more assertive: Don’t take a backseat in your own life. Deal with problems head on, doing your best to anticipate and stop them.

5. Manage your time better:  Poor time management can cause a lot of stress. When you’re stretched too thin and running behind, it’s hard to stay peaceful and focused.

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