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How to Get to Sleep Fast: Using Relaxation Techniques

Take Vitamin B12 to Sleep Better and Have Less StressFor people who suffer with insomnia, difficulty in getting to sleep can be extremely frustrating. Unfortunately, the more you worry about not getting to sleep, the more stressed you become which in turn only makes it more difficult to drop off. The question inevitably arises – how to get to sleep fast? Well, relaxation techniques can be particularly effective in breaking the destructive cycle about worrying about not getting enough sleep. I am going to outline my three favorite relaxation techniques.


Lie in your bed with your eyes closed, making sure that you will not have any interruptions.

Think about somewhere relaxing that you would like to be. It doesn’t matter whether it is somewhere that you have been to before, or even whether it actually exists, as long as you can actually visualize the place you are imagining.

Now, you need to visualize the place you are imagining in detail, thinking through each of your senses. So, imagine how the breeze feels on your face, imagine the sounds you would hear in your chosen place, what you would smell and, of course, what you would see.

You can return to this place frequently and develop in your mind all the different things that you would experience.

Progressive Relaxation

Lie in your bed with your eyes closed.

Start with your toes and tell yourself that they are relaxing and that this relaxation is going to spread slowly over your body.

Move next to your feet. Again, you should tell yourself that they are becoming gradually more relaxed and feel their weight sink slowly into the bed.

Repeat this process working your way up your body. It is important to take this very slowly and not to rush it. Imagine each part of your body become progressively relaxed and sinking into the bed.

When you feel that you have worked your way all over your body then you should consider the whole of your body and if you feel that any part of you is still tense then repeat the process for that part of your body.

Toe Tensing

This is a different relaxation technique that works particularly well for children as it is so simple. The theory is that it draws tension from the remainder of your body. First lie in bed with your eyes closed (it works best if you lie on your back). Pull your toes (with your toe muscles) upwards towards your head and keep them there. Now count to ten. Then relax your toes and count up to ten again. You should repeat this ten times.

If you are having trouble finding effective ways for how to get to sleep fast, then why not give these techniques a try.

Author Bio: Mark Daymond lives in the UK with his family and assorted animals. My passion is self-sufficiency, but I enjoy writing on a range of subjects. Sleeping disorders do not have to take over your life. If a lack of sleep is causing you problems then read more about sleeping disorder symptoms. You can get more ideas about dealing with insomnia at my blog, Overcoming Sleep Problems.

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