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How To Get Stress Relief: Play Out Your Stress Today!

take time out to enjoy your hobbyStressful situations can occur when we perceive certain situations in our lives as out of our control, like suddenly finding a bill which can’t be paid or having an unexpectedly high workload to deal with… Indeed, our reaction to these stress-giving situations could make matters even worse.

In circumstances like this, quite a few folks don’t do anything. They just keep their reactions to the stressful situation bottled in while trying to maintain control. However, what’s really needed is some way of venting off those pent-up emotions or feelings of anxiety.

And a sure-fire remedy is to play out your stress.

Getting involved in some physical activity game

When it comes to stress handling physical activity is highly effective. As a way of venting off your tension/anxiety and frustration how about taking it out on the squash or tennis court or go for a swim for a while, or maybe play some football… whatever you like doing. This way you’ll be handling your stress, getting fitter through exercise and most folks report feeling better for having done this.

Remember, when stressed, the body gets physiologically switched on (fight or flight mechanisms) so going into physical activity is indeed a way of dealing with the body’s natural responses to stress.

Other games to play

Another way to take yourself out of the stress swamp is to find something that makes you laugh. How about playing some games with friends? Like playing charades or a board game that brings loads of laughs, or telling some funny stories or hearing jokes… whatever it takes.

Playing mental activity games

Playing some mental activity game can take your mind off a stressful situation. I’m sure you can think of a range of mind engaging games; board games such as chess or draughts or how about trying puzzles of sorts… etc. that will hold your attention. However, remember not to choose something that will bring too much frustration which would indeed be counter-productive.

Overall, whether it is through some physical activity like taking it out on the squash court, or doing something with friends that brings laughter, or getting involved in something mentally demanding like, for example, a puzzle of sorts, any game you chose to play, whatever is suitable for you, will help relieve stress.

Author: Paul Philips  

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