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How to Get It All Done Without Burning Out

Woman knows how to get it all done without burning outThe demands and chronic stress faced by women of this millennium can cause severe exhaustion and a lack of interest in things, wrecking not only their job performance, but also their health, happiness and relationships. That’s burnout for you! Stress-relief tips are nothing new to us, but we can only breathe deeply for this many Ohms, and how often can you gaze serenely at the ocean and forget your worries? How to get it all done without burning out?

Other than taking deeper breaths, which does work, there are some things you can do to get everything done at work and at home, and not burnout – no heavy or deep breathing needed!

Ask yourself this:  Do you give the best of your performance and personality to your boss and co-workers? Do you tend to get irritated and annoyed when you get home after a long day at work?  Why do your co-workers deserve the best of you but not your family?

Here is something I do every day as I drive home from work, courtesy of  “Who Will Cry When you Die” by Deepak Chopra.  Stay in your car for a few minutes before going into the house.  Close your eyes (don’t worry about passers-by) and think of the best memories with your family, the happy times and happy places. This simple and instant meditation technique works wonders for tired women who want to give their best to their family!

A lot of stress women carry around is because they take on too many things, both at work and at home. Learn how to say no when you think you have reached your limit. To avoid burnout, always have some “me-time” for yourself to pursue your hobbies. Carve out a chunk of time and do what you enjoy most – read, take a walk, go shopping, watch a movie, meet a friend for coffee, volunteer or the best one – go for a regular massage treatment. If you can flush out stress as well as you take it in, you will prevent burnout.

One way of ensuring that your stress does not remain bottled up within you is to exercise. The best stress buster is a good dose of yoga paired with a generous helping of meditation. When my lovely kids turned into not-as-lovely teens and work pressures built up, meditation became my Prozac.  Suddenly, everything was under control simply because I was under control. The best time to meditate is in the early morning and in the evening when your energy levels are low and you need a booster.

Also important is getting enough sleep and maintaining a good diet, which is something you read everywhere but few understand the significance of. Lack of sleep affects our emotions and moods, consciously and sub-consciously. Having a healthy diet where processed food, excessive sugar and heavy carbs are eliminated gives you an energetic stride compared to foods that make you sluggish. Go and purchase your probiotics and eat fresh, wholesome food.

Lastly, make time to chat and laugh with a friend. Some girl-time acts as a vitamin to keep you going. A little bit of sharing, caring and laughing over some coffee and cake can never hurt.

Remember that you can handle any amount of stress if you keep your mind stress free. Enjoy what you do and half your worries are gone.


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