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How to Feel Whole, Complete, and Worthy of Love and Success, No Matter What!

couple-in-loveDon’t let the son sun go down on me
Although I search myself, it’s always someone else I see
I’d just allow a fragment of your life to wander free
But losing everything is like the sun going down on me

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
– by Elton John


Have you ever “discarded” something truly wonderful or valuable, because you really wanted (or rejected) a “fragment” of that thing?

Because to my mind, that’s what this classic anthem is all about….

In this case a changing relationship… where Elton’s desire/attachment for steamy romance (the “fragment”) threatened the greater whole of their friendship.

The hook reveals that for Elton, “losing everything” would be like “the sun going down on me”.

Time for another colorful metaphor!? 🙂

Let’s say the Universe GAVE you a million dollars right now.

Poof! Here it is.

A briefcase just lands in front of you stuffed with wads of green “moola”. Now who in their right mind would say….

“Sorry, but this is all in tens – I demand all fifties! Take it back immediately and never bother me again”?

Madness, right? But we all do this….

Not just in relationships, but in every area of life, including our “success” and “peace of mind” goals. Here’s why we pay a heavy price for this mistake over and over.

What I’m about to explain also reveals a GOLDMINE of opportunity for you — for your abundance, your health, your relationships, and YOUR conscious evolution. So, let me prove it to you:

Do any of these three scenarios sound familiar:

1) Are you “letting the sun go down” financially?

So I’m guessing you haven’t created ALL the financial abundance you want yet. In reality, maybe you’re not doing that “bad”. Perhaps you’ve even made some great progress recently? (Reality Check: What’s truly “bad”, if half the world lives on less than $3 per day?)

But the mind, being the tool that it is, ignores the good in the WHOLE picture, and fixates on one “fragment” it wants or hates.

How do you know what you want is a “fragment”?

Because there’s either attachment or aversion to it.

You’re either wanting to pull a “fragment” closer to you or push it away, sometimes both. Either way, this narrow desire/perspective makes you feel like you lack for something, which causes several critical problems for you:

First and foremost, you suffer, because you’re not accepting “what is” (which is the only credible basis for lasting positive change). Or you want something you feel you don’t have, which hurts like hell.

Second, it keeps you focused on scarcity and paralyzes the positive action necessary to actually have your ideal outcome. All of this perpetuates your suffering illusion. The illusion is not true of course. But when you believe it, your prison of thwarted desire becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

2) Are you “letting the sun go down” on yourself spiritually?

OK, so you haven’t made all the “spiritual” progress you want yet either. You know there are still fears, blocks, patterns, and beliefs that habitually hold you back from living fully as “the truth of who you are”. But again, are you craving/fixating on a “fragment” of what you think you want (or what you feel “should” be) and ignoring the “greater whole?”

When we’re craving for a “fragment,” it not only increases your suffering, it also retards your progress by paralyzing positive action.

3) And are you “letting the sun go down” on what matters MOST to you in your life? If so here’s what to do…

You have a top priority for your life right now, yes?

It could be your family. It could be a financial goal. It could be a relationship goal, or a health and well-being / “spiritual” goal.

Pick one. Got it?

Whatever it is, there’s a logical, sensible next step you could have taken to make that intention happen, or bring you closer to your goal. But for whatever reason, you haven’t followed through yet.

Why not?

Please check in with yourself now and ask….

Ask yourself WHY you haven’t followed through. But please be really honest with yourself. I mean 100%.

Check for any baloney “surface level” excuses your mind tries to sell you on, such as…

* I didn’t follow through on what’s most important to me because I’ve been busy.

* I didn’t follow through because I didn’t really understand something.

* I didn’t follow through because I didn’t like a typo in your email (somebody actually said that in response to our recent “Abundant Energy” event!)

Recognize baloney excuses for what they are — lies your mind tries to sell you on.

Ask yourself, “What is the real reason I haven’t followed through on my number one intention?” Pause for a moment and ask your inner-most being, and pay close attention to the response….

Write it down.

For many people, the answer boils down to a feeling that “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not worthy”.

At this stage in our evolution, most human beings feel that something is missing inside, and I’ve noticed this causes two distorted realities:

1) Playing victim / keeping yourself small. A.K.A. denying and withholding “love” and “success” from yourself. The belief here is that I have to keep myself small to be safe and secure, and to win love from the “others” outside myself.

2) The drive to “win” or dominate life. A.K.A. “the ecstasy of gold” — the endless mad rush to fill yourself up with external things to try to make yourself feel whole, complete, and “I feel good enough for you”. The furious and ultimately futile quest to fill yourself up with success, lovers, toys, new experiences, whatever!

The reality though, is that both of these biases are counter-productive!

No matter how successful you become, we find it’s never enough — there’s “always a higher mountain”. You can never win enough in life to feel complete. Why?

Because the sense of feeling whole and complete doesn’t comes from external things, but from inside yourself. It has nothing to do with “fragments” or external conditions.

Keeping yourself small doesn’t work either. We realize that holding ourselves back from success and love is often a lot riskier and more damaging than really going for it.

Moreover, victim-energy doesn’t really attract the relationship and love we truly want, it repels it. (How attracted are you to someone with a “needy” vibe?)

Both tendencies are born from a false belief that “I’m not enough”.

There’s essentially little difference between the person who plays victim, and the person who’s addicted to winning in life. Deep down, both feel incomplete, unworthy, or not good enough.

When you do feel whole and complete, then you can bring that to any external fragments you might choose to entertain. You can take it or leave it. You feel okay with or without it.

“Being the one is just like being in love. No one needs to tell you you are in love, you just know it, through and through.”
– The Oracle in “The Matrix”

This comes from knowing the truth of who you are *through and through*. Having a glimpse of that truth is not the same as living it moment-by-moment.

If you’d like to clear all feelings of unworthiness for good, and live moment-by-moment as the “whole” truth of who you are, then join me for my latest series, “Attract And Keep The Love You Want!” HERE:

On the surface, this series is about relationships (and my dating adventures here in Bali), but my secret intention is to help you live life from the place of feeling like you’re already enough, no matter what “fragments” you may insist on collecting.

Guess what? This is not something that happens by itself. You have to practice it until it becomes natural. Doing so not only makes you happier, but also more successful in the long-run, too.

This is exactly what we’re going to cover together in Episode 5 of “Attract And Keep The Love You Want”, which will be released later this week. Each episode is available for free for 48 hours. You’ll get Episode 5 emailed to you this week when you raise your hand here:

If you’re in any doubt about joining me for this, just ask yourself this:

“Would I rather have the suffering and the fragment that I think I want, or the whole thing?”

When you have your answer, then please raise your hand here so I can give you more on this topic:

Please enjoy, and I will talk with you more about this soon!

For your full potential,

– Matt Clarkson

P.S. Feeling like “you’re enough” as your moment-by-moment, day-to-day experience is absolutely priceless. It’s an experience I’d like for you to have. But I also have to be sensitive to the interests of everyone on our main newsletter here, and sadly not everyone likes this topic. So if cleaning up unworthiness and self-love issues are important to you, I ask that you join me for more on this topic here:

Please, don’t let the sun go down on your true self!

Join me! You’ll be glad you did LOL 🙂

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