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How To Deal With Common Causes of Stress (Instead of Avoiding Them)

Learning how to deal with common causes of stress is better than avoiding themWhile we all deal with different levels of stress throughout the day and week, avoiding stressful situations altogether can be more damaging to your health than learning to deal with it. Learning to confront and deal with the causes of your stress can be difficult at first, but over time, you will notice your stress levels going down. Here’s how to deal with common causes of stress, rather than ignoring them:

Financial problems

Financial problems are often the number one reason for stress. When your credit card bills, mortgage payments, and other debts start piling up, you can find yourself under much pressure. Developing a budget or consolidating your loans is one way to help reduce this type of stress. Don’t ignore the problem or put off paying your bills because you don’t know exactly how much you owe. By making a simple spreadsheet with details about your bills and income, you can clearly make a plan to move forward and become comfortable with your financial situation.


The workplace can be a common cause of stress since we spend so much time there. Whether you are worried about a promotion, difficult coworkers or too much work, trying to avoid these issues will only make things worse. If you don’t deal with your stress at work, it could build up, or you could take out your frustrations on the people you care about most at home. Learn how to compromise with co-workers and bosses. If you feel overwhelmed, chances are good that others don’t know it, so be open about your concerns at work.

Personal relationships

Sometimes your personal relationship can be a source of stress. For instance, if you are constantly fighting with your significant other or dealing with an unruly child, it can take a toll on your everyday life. Fostering healthy relationships can help you deal with stress in this area. Make sure you have some alone time to help you reorganize your thoughts and not stress about the situation even more. Seek the help of counselors if necessary and if the other party agrees.


Your health can be a source of stress, especially when it comes to finding time for exams, like going to the dentist. One way to stay calm is to schedule an appointment as soon as you have any tooth pain. This way, the fix will be much more simple and less painful. Waiting too long to take care of dental problems often results in deep fillings or root canals that can be a major cause of stress and pain. It’s just as important to maintain a schedule for all of your regular health check ups. By doing so, you can have piece of mind and take care of health concerns before they become a major problem.


Take a close at the common irritants that bother you on a daily basis. These irritants are usually simple, but they often bother you much more than they should. Some examples include a long commute, dirty dishes or not being able to find a misplaced item right away. Instead of getting frustrated and giving up, consider adapting to the situation to stay calm. Use a long commute as a time to be alone and listen to your favorite music. Learning how to manage these situations will help you to be much less stressed about them.


Having disorganized clutter in your life is actually making you more stressed than you may realize. While you might feel that a cleaner home or office won’t make a difference in your stress levels, research has shown that it can make people much more depressed and stressed. Consider tackling small cleaning assignments throughout the week so that you can keep the clutter away, instead of it piling up and becoming a task that may seem impossible to finish.

Dealing with these six common causes of stress might be more easily said than done. Learning how to deal with stress is a skill that is learned through much practice and resilience.

Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She writes about health,  family, home and business. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with  her family when she isn’t writing. She suggests getting dental work done at Woodlawn Dental to avoid common causes of stress while at the dentist.


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I love the part about dealing with irritants. I find that while it may take more time now, it saves so much time and stress in the long run to take care of peeves and annoyances right away, rather than after they’ve bothered us for weeks (or longer!). Thanks for sharing these tips, Anita.

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