Deal With Stress

How To De-Stress Quickly (And Still ‘Get It All Done’)

Young Woman Meditating at the BeachThere are many ways to de-stress that work to some extent, but there are new methods that are being developed to get rid of conditions like anxiety, depression, and nervous tension. The conventional ways to de-stress are through vigorous exercise, massage and watching television to unwind. More dangerous stress relievers are found in alcohol and prescription drugs. While most of these stress relievers work to some extent, they are only temporary solutions if you don’t know what is really bothering you.

What Is Stress Anyway?

Although there are many stress causes, stress is the result of poor mental and physical health that occurs when your life is out of balance. It used to be that pressure came from three things: career, family and finances. Usually, you could anticipate conflict and resolve it fairly easily. Now, with a global economy and the fast-paced world of the Internet, problems can pop up instantly; and a sort of fear and dread has developed as to what will happen tomorrow or even in the next nanosecond.

This kind of steady and regular pressure can take its toll. While some people seem to be immune to this kind of this constant worry, there are those of us who just can’t get past it. This is because not everyone is in touch with their feelings enough to know what is wrong with their life in order to make better choices.

The results of constant anxiety don’t just result in depression; stress manifests itself in other ways. This can be health problems that are more serious- like cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Of course, this leads to more problems like lost wages, hospital bills, and other personal difficulties. So the cycle continues until your life may finally come to a screeching halt when you can no longer control it.

You Can De-stress Rapidly Through Proven Techniques

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress, but many people don’t try it because it is a discipline that is often misunderstood. When people think about meditation, they often think of the Dalai Lama sitting on a mountain in Tibet. Or, conversely, they think of classes at the local gym or learning annex where you think you will encounter people who are stereotypes of ‘free-minded’ spirits.

Classes are also set on a schedule, which means that you have to make time to attend them. You also have to learn Yoga or Tai Chi in front of other people, which can be intimidating and embarrassing. Also, these classes are usually about an hour long and if you are just starting out, you may not have the stamina to last. This is why a lot of beginners drop out of classes after a few sessions.

There are alternatives to relieve stress, however. Many people are finding that guided meditations (available on the Internet) are the way to go when they want to relieve stress. A guided meditation is simply a session (usually with music) where an instructor leads you through a meditation session.

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