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How To Clear Your Mind of Stress

How to clear your mind of stressWhen you wonder how to clear your mind of stress, do you ever get discouraged because you just can’t seem to empty out all your stressful thoughts? Well it may help not to try so hard. A mind clear of stress does not mean it will ever be empty. It’s really more like cleaning a window…getting the haze off so you can see. And nothing clears the haze of stress like total concentration on something you enjoy.

Believe it or not, total focus is an inborn talent we all share.

If you don’t believe you know how to clear your mind, think back to any moment in your life when you were so wrapped up in something, that you totally lost track of time. Remember being “lost in love,” as the song goes? How about reading some 900 page novel that swept you away? Or the moment your child first learned to walk.

In order to clear your mind of stress, you simply need something else to absorb your attention. You can be absorbed in a pursuit that is uniquely yours, or you can be part of a team. Playing a sport, for example, not only forces you to focus on the skill involved, but also involves you in the interactions of your teammates. You clear your mind of your personal stress, by letting your body expel your tension and focusing your thoughts on the teamwork.

Enlist your senses to discover natural meditation.

Of course, one proven way to clear your mind of stress is meditation. But meditation doesn’t have to be formal. If the idea of meditation sounds daunting to you, you can learn it by letting your physical senses help you along. Once you’ve reconnected with your ability to focus, all you need is something to focus on.

Want to learn how to clear your mind of stress?

  • Use visual aids. You can meditate on a sunset, a painting, or an icon. Whatever you find pleasing that can take you away. Even as school children we were shown “visual aids” because they drew in our attention and helped us learn. They can do the same to clear your mind of stress. And countless religious traditions have filled churches and temples with images either beautiful or sad, and encouraged us to meditate on what we see.


  • Meditate on sound. Intricate classical music has been proven to involve more brain activity that rock and roll, but if there is a pop song that instantly makes you feel like you’re a teenager again, go for it.


Music is not the only sound, however, that can help clear your mind. The sound of ocean waves or a waterfall can soothe you, and with practice a simple bell can signal your brain to shift into a state of calm.


  • Meditate on your sense of touch. When was the last time you had a really good massage? The experience does far more than just release the tension in your muscles. If you allow yourself to give all your attention to how good it feels, it will leave your mind as refreshed as the rest of you.


Life is full of everyday pleasures that can use our sense of touch to clear our minds of stress. A long hot bath, stroking a beloved pet, giving a massage to someone you love, are all made better when we truly focus on the sensations, and let go of problems in our minds.

Overall, learning how to clear your mind of stress is much easier if you can focus on each moment, and what brings you joy, and then let your worries and frustrations simply fall away.

If you know someone who could use some help letting go of stress, please share this. And let us know your thoughts. We enjoy hearing from you.


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