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ENDGAME: How to clear it all for good (and become pure joy?)

positive womanA lot of the coaching clients I speak with want to know “What’s next? ” and “What’s beyond?” icon smile  ENDGAME: How to clear it all for good (and become pure joy?)

In other words, everybody starts out on the clearing path because they have specific problems and issues they want to clear, most commonly for our tribe — fear, sadness, money frustrations, procrastination, and so on.

In my one-to-one and group work, I’m seeing clients make astonishing progress with these types of issues. (Really – clients suffering with debilitating depression and anxiety MUCH improved after just a few sessions!) But once that heavy, brown cloud has lifted, and once you’ve got the really “awful” stuff (like acute anxiety) cleaned up and cleared out, the question then becomes, “What’s next?” or “What’s the endgame?”

That’s a really good question, and one I have pondered myself for some time!

Here’s my perspective on the endgame of inner clearing work:

The endgame is to clear out ALL limitation and fully realize the incredible joy, bliss, and wonder of your true being moment-by-moment! (This is also how you can be the most service to others, too!)

In my experience, what a lot of people do is “half a job” in their inner clearing. In other words, they somehow find temporary (and insubstantial) relief from their issues, and sadly, they give up. What they don’t realize is that most issues are recurring PATTERNS. If you’ve had an issue come up over and over, then it is a recurring pattern. In all likelihood, it will not be resolved by burying your head in the sand. Part of the problem is what we read in all the self-help books….

Contrary to what the law of attraction gurus have been telling us, trying to force yourself to stay positive doesn’t work in the long run. It’s like pasting a smiley happy face on a pile of poo! icon smile  ENDGAME: How to clear it all for good (and become pure joy?)

You’ve seen people like this, yes?

Many of us who are into self-development are walking around telling themselves and others, “I’m so happy – life just feels so good!” If it’s really true then fair enough.

But when it’s not true, isn’t the phoniness obvious for all to see? But there’s a bigger problem than what other people think of us. The resistance and suppression actually feeds and fuels the negative thoughts and feelings. If denying and suppressing negative patterns actually worked, then the world would be full of happy rich people!

If you want to actually be free of the brown, then realize that denying it and suppressing it is totally COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.

For lasting freedom, you actually have to use the tools and clear it out. Then you just feel good — without attempting to control the focus of your mind, and without needing to present to the world a phony smiley face (like most people do).

Here is an effective and easy way to measure your actual progress

Ask yourself, how good do you feel in this moment? And what’s your day-to-day norm?

Right now, if you stop what you’re doing and just be still for a few minutes…. how do you feel? Try it right now for 60 seconds.

Just sit and be for 60 seconds and note how you feel….

OK, how did it go?

If you feel apathy, grief, fear or lust, then not to worry — that’s actually the norm in this group.

Or do you feel okay, or even quite good? That’s great – it feels a million times better than apathy, depression, and fear, that’s for sure!

Even so, I doubt very much you are “done”.

If you feel anything less than warm, ecstatic, and extremely joyous, alive, and happy inside, then like 99.9999% of the planet, you still have some more work to do, OK? icon smile  ENDGAME: How to clear it all for good (and become pure joy?)

So keep going! The boundless energy you’re tapping into when you do inner clearing work will never run dry.

Right now, for example, I feel pretty darn good. And generally speaking other people seem to feel pretty good around me… LOL. But I also recognize there are still some patterns and tendencies I have yet to clear, so there is still more work to do on those.

That’s great – every pattern and tendency remaining is the opportunity to go deeper and deeper into boundless joy. This will also help me show up better for you and help YOU get better clearing results. This work is ultimately the most caring thing you can do to be of service to others.

In my humble opinion, very few people have even come close to full realization of their true potential, even though I believe we’re able to do it faster now than at any other time in human history. You see, with the powerful tools at our disposal, you can clear out even major issues very quickly and easily. All it takes is the willingness to go for it, give it a little focus, and to “show up”.

And finally…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about the endgame of inner clearing work.
I hope it gives you a sense of what’s possible and why this work is so rewarding.

Whatever you choose is best for you, I look forward to sending you more great information to assist you on your path to greater freedom, peace and joy!

For your highest potential,

Matt Clarkson
The Mind-Body Training Company

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