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How Do You Handle Adversity?

How do you handle adversity?  As mountains to be moved?Sometimes It’s Just Too Much

You’ve often heard the saying “It was meant to be.” What does it mean when applied to bring about change and direction? Is it destiny, fate or dharma (our place within the universe)?

People are faced with a variety of issue to include; weight issues, self image issues, self respect, self esteem, depression, emotional issues – the list goes on. How do you make sense of all this and yet find meaning and purpose to why you’re here? – How do you fit into this whole system called the uni-verse (meaning one song)?

It’s a question I’ve often asked during moments of anguish and despair. We’ve all experienced the highs and lows at some point over the years. There may have been times when everything seems to be moving in the right direction. You feel as though nothing can go wrong.

Yet there are times you wish lady luck would just give you a break. It’s as though things can’t seem to get any worse. You’re stuck in an endless vortex unable to navigate your way out. You repeat the same mistakes. The same experiences continually show up. You’re loathed to draw the appropriate lesson; feeling thwarted perhaps, as you surrender to the universe – “I give up, what do you want from me?”

Hang in there. We’ve all been through those moments. The good and bad news is – you’ll experience more of them. Don’t despair. Your bad times may often prove to be the greatest learning curve and personal growth.

Let’s create a hypothetical scenario for a moment – humour me if you will. Let’s pretend you’re here on earth for a reason – which is unbeknown to you. There are times when you feel your life is average, boring, and uneventful – not exciting to say the least. You can’t seem to put your finger on what needs to change, yet you know something within is revealing itself toward a change – yet you don’t know what or how.

We’ve established you were born for a reason in our hypothetical scenario. It may not have become obvious to you in your life just yet. You may be in your teens, in the troughs of adulthood or possibly in your mature years. Allow me to add a personal perspective here about my experience. For years during my teens and adult life I had the same inner dialogue prompting me to explore my sense of self. It wasn’t until my late thirties I began tapping into the genius within which was lying dormant, waiting to be unearthed.

I made a great deal of mistakes along the way. Mistakes involving relationships, finances, career opportunities, health and family. There were times I recall walking home during the early hours of the morning from being out with friends, just so I could be alone with my thoughts. I would yell out to the universe “why? why? why?” The answers never came when I needed them most. Yet the inner shift did – in time. I allowed myself to remain calm and reflect upon what I was being taught.

I knew at some deeper level I had attracted everything into my life to TEACH me something valuable – yet I didn’t know at the time what that was. I trusted things had to get better at some stage. I recalled reading in a book there is always a corner in a road somewhere, a turning point. That message left a lasting impression on me for years to come. I wished and hope for someone to guide me through these times.

Transcending the Experience Reveals the Lesson

As I sit writing this blog post, I reflect upon everything I attracted into my life had to happen in order to shape the person I am today. The good and the bad experiences were key lessons in my life, all containing their own special meaning. It doesn’t always seem that way when you’re the one living the lesson. Those close to you advise things will get better – trust that they will. They must.

In all my research, reading and experience, I have come to understand that life is cyclical in nature. Cycles and spirals are evident in many things including our physiology and nature. Known as the Golden Mean or Fibonacci numbers, nature knows exactly what she’s doing when she designed herself and the universe. Appreciating nature works in cycles, takes the strain off whatever is happening to you right now is for your greatest good.

If you’re immersed in a drama, conflict, stand-off or anything creating unrest in your life, know that it shall pass. The ability to trust and have faith is acquired in wisdom. The wisdom to know and believe events will unfold for your greatest good. Hold steadfast and insist that a lesson be made known to you. The lesson might come to you in the form of an epiphany. You might already be living the lesson and wonder how you arrived here after all.

Allow your mind to settle like a leaf floating on water. Refuse to entertain thoughts of struggle and resistance. Imagine the following scenario in your mind when you begin offering resisting to your circumstances. Move onto your back as though you’re floating on water, eyes closed shut to the golden sun. Feel the warmth of the sun’s rays on your face. Feel your body floating and just being. You may remain here for as long as you wish until things clear up – until you feel safe again. This is your resting place of solitude; one you can dial into anytime when the world feels too much to deal with.

You have the power to transcend anything life offers you. You have the ability and guidance to move through any crippling tragedy or event. These resources are there for you during your darkest hour. Your experiences are life revealing them to.

Tony Fahkry is the Founder of Navigate Life, Tony is one of Australia’s leading coaches, speakers, and writers on Mind-Body health. Tony believes in an all-encompassing approach to health and wellbeing, focusing on the benefits of stress and lifestyle management; leading him to become a much sought after holistic lifestyle coach. The regularly published expert in the field of mind-body connection, enjoys focusing on his major teaching principles across the areas of self-awareness, personal growth and health & spiritual guidance. –

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