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Reading is a good way of being gentle with yourselfThe secrets to happiness begin with finding peace with who you are and looking on the bright side when little things go wrong. Most people interpret a smile on someone’s face as happiness and automatically smile in response. If you find yourself smiling less due to stress and anxiety, then follow these sensible tips to get more of the happiness hormone.

1. Increase your happiness with vitamin D.

Taking 1,000 IU daily of vitamin D can increase the body’s level of serotonin by as much as 26 percent and lower anxiety and fatigue in as little as one month. In addition to boosting your mood, vitamin D supplements can also help lower the risk of cancer, strengthen your bones, reduce the risk of heart disease. Soaking up some sun also helps the body make vitamin D which is necessary for optimal health.

2. Increase your happiness with a good book.

Reading is one of the best ways to keep your serotonin levels high and keeping stress levels low. An overload of stress hormones hinder the brain’s ability to produce more of the happiness hormone, and one of the easiest ways to boost your mood and lower stress is to spend just 30 minutes a day with an enjoyable book.

3. Drink hot cocoa before bed.

Enjoying a cup of hot cocoa made with non-Dutched chocolate revs the brain’s production of serotonin for seven hours or more, resulting in a calmer, happier evening mood, plus sounder sleep. Research shows that eating chocolate makes people happy because it contains a hormone known as phenylethylamine, the same good feeling hormone triggered by the brain when we fall in love. Non-Dutched chocolate can be found in health food stores.

4. Begin your day with a banana and oatmeal.

Oatmeal contains tryptophan, an essential building block of the happiness hormone, serotonin. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, an important nutrient that stimulates the conversion of tryptophan into serotonin. According to UCLA researchers, eating oatmeal and a banana for breakfast could leave your feeling happier and calmer in as little as one week!

5. Increase happiness with carb snacks.

Feeling blue? Then snack on healthy carbohydrates like fruit, vegetables and whole grain crackers to increase serotonin production in as little as 20 minutes. Boosting levels of the happiness hormone has even more side effects such as reducing headaches, indigestion and joint pain.

Boost your serotonin levels naturally with these tips and increase your happiness and energy levels today!

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