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How To Be Happy – 12 Great Tips That Teach You To Be Happy

Young Woman Bending Down and Smiling with Arms Stretched BackPeople are worried all the time about every little thing in life. Come to think of it, is it really worth it? If you could change things around you would. But if you could not, the best way is to accept it and move on with life. Try to be cheerful and happy and soon you would realize that life is not that bad at all. But how could one be happy? Here are some great tips that teach you how to be happy. Read on but promise to pass it on to others.


  • Understand that simple things such as a birds song, cool air, sunshine, etc. could make you happy.
  • Mingle with happy people – mix with those who are merry and joyous. You could catch it on if you have an open mind and spread it around you.
  • Do not dwell in self-pity – wallowing in self-pity lowers your self-esteem and self-confidence. If you could take action, be quick to correct troubling situations. If it is beyond you, you may just forget it and carry on your life with a happy outlook. Who knows what is in store for you in future? Be hopeful instead of drowning yourself in self-pity.
  • Love yourself – if you cannot love yourself it is difficult to love others.
  • Laugh at adversity – who does not have problems in life? When you laugh at your difficulties, you would realize they become insignificant and you feel lighter.
  • Be healthy – good health is a great factor in making you happy.
  • Believe that you deserve happiness – believe that happiness is your birthright and you deserve to be happy. It is after all your choice and no body could take it away from you if you choose to stick on to it.
  • Engage in different kinds of activities than your usual routine – breaking the routine sometimes makes life interesting. Look into ways of changing your routing and you may enjoy it.
  • Choose to be happy – you have the ability to take positive or negative approach to your issues. If you choose a positive approach, happiness is easy to reach.
  • Develop a sense of gratitude – whenever you feel that you lack something in life remember all those things that you have in your life you could be thankful for such as a roof over your head, a decent family, your physical and personal strengths, etc. This should make you happy for what you have in your life.
  • Avoid negativism – fill yourself with positivism that would make you see life in new colors and shades. You would see life with new eyes and bubbling energy. That is happiness.
  • Learn to laugh at yourself – this is an excellent approach to life. Everyone makes mistakes. Your errors are only bad if you take them seriously. Just laugh at yourself if you err and your heart would lighten up.

Remember, it does not cost you a penny to be happy. Your life and your choice are at your hands. Isn’t that reason enough to be happy?

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