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Are You Hanging On To It Because Of The Idea Of It?

hanging on to itI love the ‘idea’ of things… of lots of things. The only problem is that I don’t necessarily love the idea of having those things. Take big chunky jewelry for example. I love how it looks on other people and so I buy something similar for myself. Then it sits and sits and sits and I never wear it. It takes up residence and creates clutter — and that causes me stress.

I also love the idea of a variety of clothes. I like to have options and to be flexible; therefore I have a closet full of clothes that are beautiful. Unfortunately, I never wear most of them because I like being stress free which means I usually wear the same pieces that I absolutely love and feel good on me.

After much stress caused by spending much dollars and creating much clutter, I realized that I love the idea of things, but I don’t love the idea of them for me. Ahhh, now that was a big awakening for me (and I bet it’s about to be one for you, too). This new awareness allowed me to let go of so many things in my life that were causing me stress.

It sounds funny to say that things were causing me stress, but they were. See, I held on to many things because I loved the idea behind it, having it and maybe one day using it. When I finally realized I liked the idea of things but not necessarily for me, it was very freeing.

I let go of so many things! The clothes, chunky jewelry, shoes (like those pink 4-inch heels, but I’m already 5’8”, so yah and let’s not talk about the color), kitchen appliances (yes, I like the idea of having every size frying pan but really?!), note paper, note cards, note pads and the like. And let’s not talk about things people gave me either as gifts or because they didn’t want it and thought I did. Oh my!

Most of all I realized I loved to collect ideas for creating things like articles, programs for my business, and goals I might want to strive for later. But I also realized that I don’t need to hold onto everything especially if it is generating mental clutter which translates into stress for me. It felt good to let them go, too!

Are you holding on to things because you like the idea of them? Let them go. I can tell you, when you do, you will find that will you clear your stress in such amazing ways.

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Author Bio: Kim Ravida, ACC, ELI-MP is the owner and founder of Kim Ravida Coaching.  Kim is a Certified Profit First Professional and Small Business Secret Weapon Coach™.  She helps women in business take a customized approach to create a business that fits their lifestyle, seeing a monthly profit and operating from a position of confidence so that they experience more success and less stress.

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