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Handling Stress: The Power of Centering and Grounding

inner-thoughts-improve-your-lifeOften it seems that stress begins the moment your eyes open in the morning. You start running through everything you have to do that day. If you live with a spouse or partner, there’s even more pressure. You have to interact with that other individual. Add children to the mix and you have a geometric increase of the pressure you feel beginning your day.

Some people take medication to handle the stress in their lives. I want to give you a simple process that doesn’t involve any medication. You don’t have to go anywhere to get it. It doesn’t cost you anything. All you have to do is incorporate the power of your mind.

Be a Tree with Roots

Consider the aftermath of a wind storm. It doesn’t matter if it was a tropical storm, a hurricane or wind that races through your area. After it’s gone you usually notice there are trees down. Those which have shallow roots are the ones which topple over. The ones with deep roots usually stay standing, although they may lose some limbs.

You want to be like a tree with deep roots. You don’t want to be pushed over with the “wind” of the stresses of your day. You want to stay strong and capable. You don’t want to be knocked off center and have your mind go all fuzzy.

The Simple Three Step Process

The way to stay strong is to marshal the resources you have within you. If you are in my office, I have you stand up and then, unexpectedly, I gently push your shoulder so you are thrown off balance. Then I would have you do the following three steps and repeat the “pushing” process. Invariably, when I repeat the process after someone has used the power of their mind to get grounded and centered, he or she stays firm and steady.

Try it now. You may do this either sitting or standing, but you may have a greater experience if you stand.

Bring your attention to the center of your chest. Sometimes it helps to place your hand on the center of your chest so that you can focus more easily. Now imagine you are breathing in and out of that space. Do this for a few breaths. Do you notice how you become calmer and more focused within yourself? This is exactly what you want to do.

Now imagine there is a beam of light coming into the crown of your head, all the way down your spine, and moving deep into the center of the earth. Some people like to see this beam of light in a particular color. You may do that if you wish. Keep imagining your breathing through the center of your chest as that helps you keep focused.

For the third step, imagine you were growing roots from your feet. Imagine those roots going deep into the earth. This is the final step of this very simple process.

Practice Your Skill

Now all you need to do is practice. To learn any skill, no matter what it is, practice is important. Some people are better at things immediately, while others are not. Even the most amazing musicians spend hours of time practicing. You don’t need to spend that long to learn to quickly center and ground.

Make a conscious decision to practice these three steps several times a day. Once you are doing it quickly and easily, learn to live your life from a position of being centered and grounded. If you do this, you will find that you will be able to handle stress much better than you ever could.

Author Bio: Cathy Chapman, PhD, is a Mind-Body Psychology coach. She assists people in balancing their energies using modalities such as BodyTalk, PSYCH-K and Encodements. Sign up for her free report: 7 Powerful Ways to Achieve a Practically Impenetrable Immune System at

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