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How to Grow Your Will Power

child showing will powerThis week, we’ll look at the final stage of Theory U developed by Dr. Otto Scharmer of MIT.  In our last two posts, we explored how to get past negative thoughts and uncomfortable feelings.  In this post, we’ll discover the key to strong will power that carries us into effective action to create what we desire.

In Theory U, Scharmer identifies the “inner place” from which successful leaders and achievers operate.  To get to that place requires that we let go of resistance and old patterns of thinking and feeling and come from a place of inner knowing that he calls “presencing.”  By letting go of our preconceptions, blaming, and judgment, we are able to listen deeply, observe, and sense on a primary energetic level. 

We arrive at a state of “presencing” in which the best future solutions and possibilities are known.  From there, an intention crystallizes and we take it into action to apply it, test it, and learn by doing.  The greatest individual and corporate achievements flow naturally when they come from that place of inner knowing.

What are some ways that you can access that deeper knowing from which effective action flows?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

1. When you’ve been inspired with a good idea that ends up working out well, how has that felt to you?  Have you felt curious, excited, peaceful, certain . . .?  What are some emotional indicators that you are on the right track?  To help you with that, you might also consider the opposite.  What are some emotional indicators that you are off track?  Perhaps, feeling anxious, doubtful, rushed, or trapped?

2. What are some physical sensations associated with inner knowing?  Do you feel relaxed, loose, energized . . .?  Again, you might make note of the opposite as well.  What are some physical sensations that indicate you are off track?  Perhaps, muscle tightness, itchiness, or low energy?

3. What practices help you get to that place of inner knowing?  Do you find it helpful to meditate, journal, exercise, or talk it out with a friend or associate . . .?  On the other hand, what are some behaviors that lead you away from inner knowing?  Perhaps, distracting yourself with TV or entertainment, numbing yourself with food or alcohol, or avoiding or denying what you really feel?

If you’re unsure about your answers to any of those questions, you may have just discovered something to explore.  Tuning into your inner knowing indicators and practices that take you there is invaluable.  When you are able to effectively discern solutions that come from inner guidance, they naturally lead you into action that works.

When action flows from strong inner knowing, it has a natural momentum that moves you through procrastination.  That action flows from a place that is in touch with what is most important to you and most effective in the world around you.  Action that flows from strong inner knowing inspires the will that carries you through to completion.

Once you move into action, you can then test your solutions by results and consequences.  This further refines and expands what you are doing.  When you have an experimental approach to life, it takes the pressure off of thinking you have to do everything perfectly or master what you are doing before you even get started.  You remain open to the fact that life will show you the way and you have inner senses that can pick up on the signals that will guide you.

Your life can become a joyful journey of continuous discovery and powerfully positive co-creation.  It all begins with practices that tune you into your inner senses.

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