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God Grant Me the Serenity to Accept the Stress I Cannot Change, the Courage to Change the Stress I Can, and the Wisdom to Know the Difference

SpiritualityStress can start in the work place and spill over into home life affecting marriages and parenting patterns.  Stress is linked to poor health in 150,000 people in 142 countries. ( ) It  causes heart disease, depression, sleep problems, rashes, mental health issues, anger and anxiety. It destroys job satisfaction and motivation. Stress  can sneak up on you. After a while you don’t notice the tension in your body or the increase in apprehension and anxiety.

What causes stress is different for everyone, but the common component is that there are things you can change and things you can’t to reduce your stress levels. Knowing and accepting  what you can and can’t change, in itself, is a powerful tool to reduce stress.

Things you can’t change You can’t always control things in your environment for example other peoples thoughts, feelings and behaviours, major life changes and some circumstances around your work environment.  Stress increases if you try to change the things you can’t.  For peace of mind it’s important to mentally let go of the things you cannot change.

You can change your actions  You can change your actions by meditating, exercising, going on holidays, and spending  time doing things you love. If you have poor work-life balance these sorts of activities are a must.

You can change your mindset You can relieve stress by changing the thoughts and ideas that are causing your perception of stress. You can engage a life coach to work with you on these unhelpful ideas or you work on them yourself with stress relieving  techniques.  I have shared some of these techniques  in a  previous article:  Positive thinking, affirmations and reading inspirational articles and quotes are also all helpful to change your mindset.

Learning to manage and reduce your stress levels is an essential life skill in the fast paced world we live in. The rewards are long lasting and the consequences of not reducing stress can be dire. We all need a certain amount of control in our lives to have peace of mind. Take control of your life and start changing the stress you can.


Author Bio: Allison Bright from Bright Life Coaching specializes in Work Life Balance solutions. Her 18 years personal development experience provides valuable insights and practical answers to everyday work life balance challenges. To receive free information and tips on work-life balance challenges go to

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