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How to GLIDE thru grief, guilt, blame? (or anything else)

joyHave you ever wondered what it takes to GLIDE through grief, guilt, blame, or any other emotion….

…. Like a hot knife through butter? 🙂

First, just know that so called “negative” feelings coming up is no bad thing.

Actually stuff coming up is your gateway to deeper peace, joy, and freedom…. IF you know how to move through it.

As we’ve been discussing in recent emails, there are three dimensions to any stuck pattern, and when you address all three, you effortlessly clear the pattern.


1) MENTAL: The first step is to become aware of the story – the thought, attitude, or belief that lies to you by saying something like, “This is bad. I/You should feel really bad about this,” or whatever the particular version is. So just notice that the conclusion is made up. It’s just one possible perspective and is not objectively true. It’s not real and it has nothing to do with “who you are.”

2) EMOTIONAL: The second step is to check for emotional resistance that keeps the pattern stuck. Then use the magic ingredient we’ve been discussing to clear it. (HINT: to the best of your ability, accept, welcome, and love whatever comes up, as it is.)

3) PHYSICAL: The third step is to get your body moving and breathing. (This is especially important when you experience something intense and/or if you’ve been stuck in apathy, grief or fear for any period of time.) Stuck patterns are held energetically in your physical body. Moving and breathing breaks up patterns of contracted energy so 1) and 2) will work even better 🙂

For a fun way of doing all three together, I hope you will join me for our free event, “A Joyful Stress-Free You In 7 Days,” which starts Monday 20th October.

Register here, try the “abundant energy” demo, and my bet is you’ll be feeling awesome within the next few minutes.

Finally, please consider sharing this life-changing practice with everyone you know (HINT: Don’t try to impose it – just invite them to try it and be okay whether they say yes or no).

Much Love!
Matt Clarkson
The Mind-Body Training Company

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