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Give Yourself Permission To Do Or To Do Not. 50%

stress freeOne of the greatest things we can do for ourselves is to give ourselves permission.  Permission to do — or to do not — will allow you to live a life that you love.  Those of you familiar with Star Wars know that Yoda says “Do or do not”; there is more to it but for our purposes here, I’ll leave it at that.  So are there things that you want to do and haven’t?  Are there things that you don’t want to do and are either forcing yourself to do them or – worse – procrastinating on them and feeling bad because you haven’t gotten to them yet?  Give yourself permission to stop doing what you don’t want to do and do what you want instead.

Now I’m not talking about ‘not going to work’ because you don’t want to, but I am talking about not staying in a job that you don’t like.  I’m talking about doing the things that will make your life happier, better and more joyful and letting go of the things that make you feel bad, hold you back and cause you stress.

Here is a secret to living a life that is full of joy and not stress:  Give yourself permission to do something, or not do something, and you will find that life becomes easier.  I have a client who didn’t think they could do this but once they did, wow did they experience amazing joy, freedom and many other positive things.

Permission is linked to resistance.  When we are in resistance, things are challenging, hard and frustrating.  You might find that things seem to take a turn for the worse or the ‘other shoe falls’ or just the thing you feared most happens.  It’s a funny thing and hard to explain so I just recommend you try giving yourself permission for something you have been wanting to do or even not do.

Let’s take weight loss for example.  You tell yourself you won’t eat any sweets and then you want a piece of chocolate cake, so you resist.  Then what happens?  The piece of cake keeps calling you. You keep seeing the piece of cake only it gets bigger and bigger until it’s a 10-foot layer cake and you just have to have it!  Yet, if you give yourself permission to have a taste, a bite, or a small slice and enjoy it, the cake will no longer taunt you.  Now, if you tell me that you aren’t someone who can just take one bite or one slice because you can’t control yourself, I’m going to say I don’t believe that.  I believe that we all can ‘control’ ourselves.  If you are telling the story that you can’t control your eating, it’s time to give yourself permission to tell a different story.  It’s time to release the resistance in your life and give yourself permission to do or do not.

Unless, of course, you have an addiction.  That’s something I’m not going to attempt to tackle here today because it’s not within my scope of expertise.  If you feel that you might have an unhealthy addiction, I recommend you speak to a medical professional.

As you look at your life, look for the things you love to do and do more of them.  Let go of those things that you really don’t like.  Then give yourself permission to create a life that makes your heart sing, brings joy and allows happiness!

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Author Bio: Kim Ravida, ACC, ELI-MP is the owner and founder of Kim Ravida Coaching.  Kim is a Certified Profit First Professional and Small Business Secret Weapon Coach™.  She helps women in business take a customized approach to create a business that fits their lifestyle, seeing a monthly profit and operating from a position of confidence so that they experience more success and less stress.

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