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Getting Unstuck to Achieve a Better, Richer, More Purposeful YOU!

Writing your goals can be a first step to getting unstuckIf you could turn a key and achieve the thing(s) that you really need and want that would finally catapult everything in your life, would you turn the key?

Would you?

If you knew, without a doubt, that whatever you set out to do you could do – and you could get the results you’ve been looking for without fail, would you go for it? Whether in Business, Career, Money, Purpose…

Finally go for it?

Most people are at their wits end trying to understand what it really takes to figure out what they want and how to get it. Some would say all it takes is the wanting of the thing, or the visualizing of the thing. Others tell us we can will the thing into existence. With all this passive information being thrown at them, no wonder it just seems too hard to begin.

So, people continue to fail. This failure freezes their intent, and they don’t know what to do. Eventually, they not only stop trying, they stop thinking about trying! Some may be on a path that just doesn’t feel right. They may be taking the wrong steps and are doing things they don’t like to do, and they end up feeling frustrated and are still deprived of the thing they started out to achieve. Perhaps they’ve latched on to the newest craze that promises wealth, health, and happiness with little to no effort. HA!

Guess what “no action” gets you? It’s called no-thing.

The key is action. But, what action? First you must figure out your intent, your purpose, your meaning. Go now and do it and start with these steps:

Figure it Out

Figure out what you really want, really want, for your personal and professional lives. You do this by dreaming – by using your wonderful imagination. Before you say whoa – that’s just pie in the sky… Albert Einstein did it. So did the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Napoleon Hill, and me, the author – Jane Miller. You see, you must NOT give one iota of a second to figuring out HOW you will achieve, only that you REALLY want the thing.

Get Clear

Write. Yes, write. With pen on paper. Writing causes thinking and thinking causes ideas. That’s what you want. Make a list of thirty personal and thirty professional wants. Just write them down. Again, no worrying how it will get done!

Pick just one from each list to begin working on NOW. Don’t worry about the ones that you didn’t pick – amazing thing is that once you begin to work on the one, the others seem to incredibly get done, too.

Put it in your mind and in your heart

Write out a sentence about your goal on a card that speaks to you already having it – I am so happy and grateful Now That ___________________________________ _________________________________________________________________. Carry this with you and read it often.

Now, write for 15 minutes about the thing as if you have already achieved it – what does it look like? How does it feel? Who have you become in the process of achieving it? Every day and every night, re-write the goal and the picture in your mind of you already in possession of the goal. Think about it in the morning, in the evening and throughout the day.

Each night before you retire, write down 6 actions that you can take the next day to move you toward the goal. Next day, start with the #1 thing and do not move on until that one thing is completed. That night, write a NEW list of 6 things. Continue on, and you will be closer and closer to the thing you desire.

Stay Focused

If you will continue this for thirty (30) days, you will be amazed at what you have achieved. Not only will the main thing be in your possession, but the others will fall into place as well.

So you are thinking this is a lot of work? Yes! You must give your life to this thing you want – but wait! You’re already giving your life for what you have now, so why not trade up?

I am so happy and grateful that you have read through this far, and I am looking forward to your continued success. Please grab the full guide on our website so that you can finally get what you really want. Great job!

Jane Miller is President of Miller Institute and is certified to work with the Thinking Into Results Program. Providing self-study materials, workshops, speaking and coaching, Miller Institute guides individuals and companies to engage their full selves to catapult results. If you can tell us what you want, we can show you how to get it. To reprint this article or for more information please contact Jane at 1.800.540.2610, email us or see

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Thanks for the great article, Jane. A good, understandable strategy. Just keeping the maxim “no action, no thing” in one’s mind is an excellent reminder to keep on keeping on. I’ll use it!

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