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Getting Rid Of Stress And Finding Peace Through Meditation

Woman MeditatingCan meditation really help you avoid diseases or even get rid of disease? I believe it can.

Meditation is a lost “art form” that most people don’t consider as a way to reduce stress, but it’s still very effective.

It’s been reported that approximately two thirds of illness begins in the mind. The mind is a very powerful thing. What we think and believe about ourselves can also determine our success or failure in life.

After reading this book, I am firmly convinced that we can avoid much of the disease we come in contact with simply by avoiding stress and resentment. “How Your Mind Can Keep You Well” by Roy Masters takes the process of good health one step further by teaching you how to use meditation to get rid of stress and eliminate any baggage you have that may be holding you back.

This is far more than a book on meditation though. Not only does Masters take you through the actual meditation, he discusses how to use meditation as a power for good. This means that we can take control of destinies and our lives simply by refusing to become emotional each time we believe we’ve been hurt by someone else. This is very powerful because it allows us to choose our responses to events in our lives. We aren’t controlled by others; we take control of our own lives.

One of the things that Roy Masters points out in this book that can cause us stress and deny us happiness is improper use of the will, wrong ambition, and resentment. Resentment is a major contributor to stress because it’s about holding onto our anger instead of dealing with it effectively.

Masters also discusses guided imagery and using it to cure disease. Readers learn how to take control of their thoughts and live in the moment. Just living in the moment greatly increases the ability to live a more stress free life.

Finally, he also exposes what he believes is the secret cause of cancer. Again it has to do with our thoughts and beliefs, as well as how we handle things.

Since first using this meditation, I’ve seen a huge difference in my stress. Things that used to bother me don’t bother me anymore. Also, much of the anger and resentment from my past is gone releasing me to really focus on what I want out of life. It’s beautiful, and my life has really changed for the better.

Masters says that the reason God gave Solomon a long life, great riches, and all of the other things he was blessed with is because Solomon asked for the one thing that would allow him to enjoy all of these things: wisdom. This book is ultimately about great wisdom we have forgotten that could change our lives forever and definitely for the better. Highly recommended.

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