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Get Unstuck Fast! The 2 most powerful clearing techniques I know!

Ever feel stuck in negative emotional states that sap your energy and make you feel down on yourself? Would you like to know the 2 most powerful clearing techniques I know to get unstuck fast?

As we discussed in our recent online event, “How To Clear Anything In 7 Days,” I think it’s helpful to view any stuck pattern as operating on 4 dimensions of your being:

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– The Physical
– The Emotional
– The Mental
– The Spiritual

Now, can you guess which of these dimensions provides the most powerful way to clear any stuck issue fast?

(In truth, that’s not really a fair question because all four dimensions really need to be addressed to make a lasting shift.)

That said, I believe many people focus the vast majority of their attention on the Mental and Emotional dimensions, while giving virtually ZERO attention to the highest leverage of all clearing techniques — and the dimension that often produces the most profound results in the shortest amount of time.

I’m talking about the Physical dimension of course, and the good news is that making profound shifts here needn’t be such a drag. The way I recommend is actually very easy and a lot of fun.

So check this out…

I’ve just unlocked Day 2 from “How To Clear Anything In 7 Days” for you. Here I discussed the TWO most powerful techniques I’m aware of to clear any stuck pattern from the perspective of the physical dimension. Use them both together and the transformation can be very rapid and profound.

You can also use the techniques immediately prior to any other clearing technique you like that works, and it will dramatically increase the effectiveness.

This session will be unlocked again for the next 24-48 hours, so please make the most of it.



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