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A Foolproof Method For Stress Reduction

There reallywoman smiling is a fix for this malady that all of us do battle with; that awful feeling of being so completely, totally overwhelmed that we literally cannot think. Our coping mechanisms are shredded and we want to-or do- cry from sheer frustration. But this foolproof method for stress reduction will work – each and every time you feel as if you are going to pull out your hair… Or someone else’s.

And the fix is simple; dangerously and deceptively so. There are only 2 steps in this fix. First, forget all the time management articles, classes and methods you have studied, tried and dismissed; switch to self management. Why do I say dangerously and deceptively simple?

Because we over-complicate everything in the insane belief that smart phones, tablets, IM, texting and all of the other overwhelmingly tempting ways to communicate will change reality.

Consider the reality:

None of us has over 24 hours in the day, 60 minutes in an hour. None of us can multitask activities which require focus and attention. None of us can control the fact that sometimes nothing works the way we want it to, despite our best efforts. Those folks who always appear calm, well groomed, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound have no secret to time management. They have the same restrictions you do.

But they learned the foolproof method – they know how to manage themselves and they work hard at it. If you know people like this watch them. There will be wide variation in age, gender, physical appearance, education and just about every characteristic that our measurement obsessed culture likes to count.

But there will be one similarity among each of these calm, serene folks: they know how to manage themselves.

Specifically, what does that translate to?

  • Adopting healthy habits of eating, sleeping and exercise.
  • Knowing yourself well enough to know when you are reaching your limits with work, this person or this relationship.
  • Learning kind and gracious ways to end a conversation or a relationship which has gone on too long.
  • Forcing yourself to learn to love something other than work and spend time doing it.

The list is endless, we could go on for hours but the fundamental truth of the matter is that we allow ourselves to get stressed out because we have mismanaged our selves.

Author Bio: Lin Wilder, DrPH is a former Hospital Director, now full time Internet marketer, trainer and writer.

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2 replies on “A Foolproof Method For Stress Reduction”

Angela,thanks for posting this and letting me know it is live…today-at this very moment. Because I understand that the number 1 through the 100th reason that I write is that I hope I can apply what I write to me…today…right now.
Deep breath.

Great reminder that of all the external forces at work in and around our lives, we control only one thing. Perhaps we strive to control everything around us because the idea of controlling ourselves is overwhelming.

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