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Foods That Can Help Reduce Stress

Getting back to the basics with familyWe have all heard of sayings such as “comfort foods” and this quote is a perfect way to explain why food in most people is comforting and can soothe anxiety and insomnia.

Food has always been an important factor in bringing people together.  In most cultures around the world food is involved in many gathering, for such purposes like graduations, weddings, birthdays and holidays.

Types of foods that can help relieve stress:

There are so many items that can be added to your meal that have been said to relieve stress.  For example, turkey can relieve stress due to its high amino acid.

In the morning if you would like get off to a good start try making a quick warm bowl of oatmeal, which can help reduce depression by boosting your serotonin levels.  In addition, salmon can also help boost serotonin levels and not to mention its Omega 3 and fatty acids.

Additionally, if you have a sweet tooth but want a snack with great vitamins and add serotonin try sweet potatoes or carrots (bake them in small pieces) and have them handy in a small baggie. This is a great way to reduce snacking on junk foods thought the day.

Other ways to reduce stress:

Cooking is a great way to reduce stress because you are able to temporarily forget about any worries since you are so focused on preparing a meal.

Cooking can be an activity that you can become so engaged in, to the point where you will feel relaxed.  If seems that we may assume that we need to know how to cook like an expert in order to enjoy the art of cooking.  What is so fun about cooking is that you could enjoy a lovely meal afterwards.

When preparing to cook try not to get overwhelmed by the thought of cooking because this may be discouraging.  Try to find a simple recipe that you can specialize into your own unique meal. The hardest part about cooking is going into the kitchen.  Once you’ve made that commitment to go into the kitchen to cook the hard part is over.

The benefits that can be gained from cooking include: connecting with friends and family members.  If cooking is not for you there are ways to still enjoy a great meal that can benefit your health and reduce your stress.  Check for restaurant reviews on local websites and invite a friend to join you for a meal and try looking for places with a calming environment.

Places that are not too noisy and are surrounded by nice gardens or fountains are great locations.  A positive, calming and scenic location could reduce your stress and increase a positive experience during your meal.

Author Bio: Marlena Hunter, M.A. is currently providing psychotherapy in Westlake, CA.  She has a Master of Arts degree in Psychology, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy and has gained several years of experience in several clinical settings.


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