Deal With Stress

Five Ways To Handle Stress

subconscious mindStress and problems are just a natural part of life. How you react and interpret stressful situations can have a great impact on you and your life. Here are five ways to handle life’s curve balls.

1. Don’t get “sucked” in.

Whose crisis is this? Is this self imposed, are you taking on too much or does this really require immediate attention? Can this be postponed or delegated out to someone more qualified for your ease? For example you may want to order gifts on line, have the dinner party catered, hire a cleaning person or landscaper for those falling leaves.

2. Take action.

If the situation does require your attention, over analyzing can be a waste of time and energy. Don’t let fear or worry paralyze you. Start moving and take action. Movement creates momentum and you’ll be getting closer to the solution. Try to break down large projects into smaller more doable chunks.

3. Sit back and let the “problem” unfold.

80% of what we worry about never happens. This is a conscious effort to not let this consume you until it is absolutely necessary. This is not to say you are ignoring problems, just waiting for your turn to get involved, if at all.

4. Look from the future.

Assume the problem is behind you and you are looking back on it. How do you want to remember the situation? How did you handle the problem?

5. Be Logical.

Take a deep breath and relax your body and mind. It is from this place that you will find the right answers and productive steps to handle the situation.

Author Bio: Laurie-Ann Murabito is a Success Coach, Author and Speaker who helps companies and individuals by empowering them to make the changes they want for their unique situations. She is available to speak on various topics. For more information call 603-765-6145 or email


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