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Five Ways to Deal With Stress During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman at work using telephone smilingStress during pregnancy can cause complications to both the mother and child. A continued increase in stress levels in the mother’s body can cause chronic anxiety and an increase in blood pressure. It can also in turn affect the growth and development of the baby. Even though stress cannot be avoided in the everyday life of a pregnant woman it can be dealt with easily by taking proper measures. A simple readjustment to lifestyle and active involvement in stress free activities during pregnancy will do the trick!

There are 5 important ways to reduce stress during pregnancy which are as follows:

1. Eat healthy

A healthy diet can keep stress under control by suppressing stress hormones. For example foods rich in vitamin B, whole grain breads etc help produce more of anti-stress hormones such as serotonin. Also, having a well balanced diet during pregnancy helps to keep up energy and rule out stress.

2. Exercise regularly

Staying fit during pregnancy by doing proper exercises enables one to overcome daily stressors. Safe pregnancy exercises help a pregnant woman to wind down from everyday stress and stay positive. Even taking a 15 minute walk in the fresh air gives a de-stressing effect and makes one feel more energetic.

3. Take proper rest

Getting ample rest during pregnancy is vital for lowering stress. For this it is important for pregnant mothers to follow a definite sleeping pattern and get plenty of sleep. Having a comfortable body pillow, taking a relaxing bath before bed and listening to soft music or reading a book at bed time help pregnant mothers get a restful sleep. When at work one can take short breaks, or just find a place to put up their feet and relax.

4. Share your feelings

Sharing one’s own feelings during pregnancy is a great way to deal with stress. It helps one get reassured and feel more confident. Talking about one’s fears and concerns about the impending labor, the safety of the baby, coping to pain, parenting and finances can relieve a lot of stress. A pregnant mother can share her feelings with her partner, mother, friend or doctor to get the right advice and support. It is always wise to communicate one’s problem and rise to challenge rather than unnecessarily stressing out.

5. Try natural stress reduction techniques

Meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques calm the mind and body and reduce stress. Meditation helps in relieving pain, lowering blood pressure, and getting good quality sleep during pregnancy. It can be done in an undisturbed environment with eyes closed and mind focused on peaceful thoughts. Antenatal yoga which includes breathing techniques can have a very beneficial effect during pregnancy and help reduce anxiety and panic attacks. Relaxation techniques such as massages help in relieving back pains, headaches, leg cramps during pregnancy. It also relaxes the nervous system by releasing endorphins and balancing stress levels in the body.

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