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Five Unexpected Things That May Be Causing Stress In Your Life

waiting un til the last minute is one of the unexpected things that may be causing stress in your lifeMost of us are aware of the major causes of stress, including life changes, work overload, sudden illness, and other tragedies. When those things happen to us, we look for ways to cope, but there are many stress-causing factors at home that are often overlooked. Once we recognize them, we can make changes for the better.  Here are five unexpected things that may be causing stress in your life:

 Doing Everything Last-Minute

The pace of our morning sets the pace for the rest of the day, so getting up a little early is an easy way to manage that feeling of rushing through our day. Reviewing the day’s plans in the morning makes us less likely to forget important tasks, eliminating rushing around later in the day. Try to make a plan to get tasks done before they have to be. Giving yourself time to do simple things like grocery shopping, buying birthday gifts and cleaning the house can help you relax a bit and finish the tasks without feeling hurried.

 Rooms Full of Hot Colors

Fiery hot reds and oranges certainly brighten up a room, but they aren’t very relaxing and might even add to our stress levels. Blues, greens, and the softer shades of purple and brown are soothing, which makes them better choices for spaces where we want to relax and de-stress. Consider using neutral colors in your home with a soft color on one wall or in your home décor.

 Electronic Overload

So much of our day is spent in front of a computer, on the cell phone or otherwise sitting in front of a screen that we hardly think about them anymore. However, several studies show that electronics add to our stress levels. Try turning them off a few hours every day or indulging in a new hobby instead of watching TV or surfing the internet. At the very least, try to stay away from electronics right before bed, as they can stimulate your mind and cause you to have a hard time sleeping.

Seasonal Shifts

The changing seasons are part of life, but they come with stress of their own. Many people get the “winter blues” without even realizing they feel a bit more depressed or stressed. During the holidays, try to plan your schedule so you can accomplish tasks each week, instead of waiting until the last minute. Keep active during the cold months as much possible to get in some exercise, which greatly reduces stress.

Lack of Organization

Organization makes it simple to put things away so they can be found when they’re needed later on. Not having to hunt down supplies makes tasks easier, faster and much less stressful. Clutter in the home can also make you feel stressed and tired without you being consciously aware of the fact. If you have a lot of items in your home, consider storing your holiday decorations and seasonal items like camping equipment at The Storage Center ( to make more space. You can find convenient locations in cities all over the county for easy-access.

Our homes are where we come to relax and restore ourselves. Eliminating these unneeded causes of stress will make us happier, healthier and more productive.

Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and writes about family, health, home and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing. Anita recommends to store items that may be causing clutter in your home.



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