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Five Strategies to Achieve Instant Calm

Taking a mini-vacation by reading is one of the strategies to achieve instant calmIf you have been working especially hard lately, or trying to clear off a lot of debt, or working to achieve deadlines, you may be feeling mentally unbalanced and prone to stress and anxiety. Use any of these five practical methods to reduce feelings of anxiety and tension and regain calm now.

Travel to another world in five minutes

Can’t afford a holiday but want to get away? Downloading a free book for your Kindle from Amazon couldn’t be a simpler way to travel somewhere exotic, meet new people and escape from the rat race. Amazon has a lot of short stories available for download, and if you look at places like Snickslist, and on Twitter feeds for Free Kindle Books, you will be sure to find yourself an excellent five minute read. Reading is an excellent distraction, and helps you to regain calm and balance.

Get out into nature for instant serenity

People have a natural affinity for nature. How long has it been since you took a walk outside, or sat out in a garden somewhere to enjoy the scenery. Be mindful of your environment, and enjoy the great outdoors. Getting out in nature is well known for helping people to regain mental balance, and fresh air is good for the body, mind and spirit. Getting out in nature will also invigorate and refresh you.

Cut down on caffeine to reduce stress

Caffeine is well known for pumping stress hormones around the body. Cut down on caffeine, and substitute your hot beverages for herbal teas. You will be less prone to becoming anxious and full of tension when you cut down or eliminate your caffeine intake.

Indulge in a fruit salad for revitalization

Fruit and vegetables are well known for the various micronutrients that they contain to help the body function well at a cellular level. If you have been getting food on the go, and eating a lot of processed foods, you need to start eating more natural food. Making a fruit salad and enjoying it is the perfect way to give your body the fuel it needs to properly function, and it will also help improve your immune function. The micronutrients available from fruit and vegetables also help the brain function more effectively, which will help you regain calm and mental stability.

Indulge in hydrotherapy at home

For centuries, people have been indulging in bathing rituals, to help both calm and revitalize. For instant rejuvenation, and to eliminate stress, run a bath or have a shower, and indulge in your favorite bathing products. Also, using a body brush in the bath or shower will help you to eliminate toxins and improve your circulation, helping you to relax.

In Summary:

To help you eliminate anxiety and nervous tension, we have looked at five effective methods that you can easily implement right now. These have included using hydrotherapy at home, eating more healthy foods, reducing caffeine, getting out in nature, and also in indulging in a short story for your Kindle. These strategies are low cost or free, simple to implement, and will have you regaining calm and mental balance right now.

By Lori Woodward

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These are great tips, and are so simple that we can use them today without much planning ahead needed. Thanks for sharing them, Lori!

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