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Five Minutes to Relaxation

five-minutes-to-relaxationRelaxation has so many wonderful benefits, from, stress reduction, feeling of well being, improved healing, dealing with chronic pain, lowered blood pressure, visualisation, feeling whole and connected, taking time out from a crazy world! But how do you do it? So many people have asked. I have taught relaxation and visualisation strategies to many patients and clients.

Five minutes to relaxation…..

Optimal health is where great nutrition, mindset, movement and rest combine. Relaxation is one of the fastest ways anyone can have a positive health change in minimal time.

The mind and body are one, we cannot separate what happens between the mind-body interaction. When you relax one, you relax the other.

Where to start?

I think the best place to start is by lying on the floor in a position that is comfortable for you. Many find this is lying on their back. Find a place that is quiet and comfortable, often with soft or dim lighting, and away from distraction.

Five minutes to relaxation….

If you can’t remember all of this, don’t worry, print it out and get a partner or friend to read it out to you in a calm, relaxing voice….

“First, let’s start at the head…. think of your forehead becoming smooth, and relaxed… your eyes are closed and still….

Your jaw is loose and relaxed so your lips are slightly parted…. that’s it. Now, breathe in slowly through your nose and gently breathe out from your mouth…

As you breathe in your neck and shoulders and relaxed, and your shoulders are relaxed down, gently moving towards the floor….

Breathe in again now, in through your nose and out through your mouth….

As you breathe in you may feel your stomach slightly rise, as you are breathing with your diaphragm and shoulders relaxed…

Good, now feel that breath again, in through your nose, and out slowly, and relaxed….

Go down your body… let your arms relax and feel heavy on the floor. They are loose and fall comfortably. Your hands might be open with lightly curled fingers. Your chest is calm and relaxed…

Feel your back relax, every muscle, every segment, rest under the weight of your body on the comfortable floor below.

Feel the relaxed feeling travel in to your buttocks…, in to your legs, and calves…

As your legs relax your feet may roll out slightly, pointing away from the middle of your body…..

Again, now think of your breathing, in through your nose, out through your mouth, calm and controlled. A great calm and contentment pass over you, and imagine each cell in your body with a little smile.

Now rest for a while, enjoy this peaceful feeling, and imagine your favourite place….

Imagine what you see…..

(pause 1 min)

Imagine what you feel… do you feel the sun on your skin, or breeze through your hair… what do you feel in your favourite place…

(pause 1 min)

What do you hear in your favourite place… what calm noises can you hear…

(pause 1 min)

Now think of your breathing, in through your nose, and slowly out through your mouth with calm, relaxed breathing….

(pause 1 min)

Now when you are ready, slowly open your eyes… be content knowing you can feel this relaxed whenever you wish….” it only takes five minutes to relaxation…

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