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Five Keys to Minimizing the Stress of Aging

5 Keys to Minimizing the Stress of AgingThere seems no denying that stress is a killer. It makes young people feel old, and it makes an older person take a serious look at the aging process. The stress of aging doesn’t just mean that your hair may turn gray or your step may drag a little. Aging stress can take control of every way you feel or look … but it doesn’t have to. Here are five keys to help minimize stress, slow the aging process, and get back to that younger looking and happier you.


Get Active – Exercise!

If you sit around all day, your skin knows it and begins to age. Exercise gets your blood flowing and your muscles toned. You don’t have to run a race, but you do need to get up and about at least three of more times a week. Ride a bike or take a dance class. Get out the golf clubs. Walk instead of riding. Whatever you do, get out from in front of the TV. Within a few days of an exercise routine, you’ll see a difference in your skin tone and, best of all, a difference in the way you feel.

Get Proper Sleep!

The key here is making sure you get seven to eight hours of sleep each night. If you get less, doctors say you are more likely to be overweight – because lack of sleep triggers the appetite and makes you more at risk for health problems. If sleeping is difficult, get evaluated by a sleep specialist to find out if you are suffering from such problems as sleep apnea or breathing difficulties.

Meals, Humor, and Connections!

Your body and brain must be fed well for a stress-free lifestyle. Concentrate on eating vegetables and fruits in their natural state to reduce inflammation and avoid cell damage. Try to keep a sense of humor in all your dealings with family and friends. A laugh or smile, even when you don’t truly feel like it, can bring on a healthier and happier feeling you.

For tip number five, connect to a group or cause that you believe in. Getting outside of your own cares or problems, by joining a retirement community, for instance, can make others happy and greatly reduce your own stress.  You don’t have to look and feel older. Relieving stress can make the aging process a much happier and a much more fulfilling time.
Author Bio: Karleia is a freelance blogger. Ready to retire in style?  Visit this retirement community.

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