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Five Aromatherapy Essential Oils for De-Stressing

essential-oilStress has been scientifically proven to have adverse affects on the brain and body. Extremely stressful situations can cause physical symptoms such as headaches, backaches, stomach upsets and fatigue. Everybody has a bad day from time to time and no matter what the root of your stress is, aromatherapy can truly help relieve the strain. Here are the stress relieving essentials you’ll need to relax your nerves and put your mind at ease.


#1: Lavender

Hailing from the mint family, lavender has held its own for centuries and been utilized for a wide variety of purposes. Several medical research studies have proven that lavender contains healing and soothing properties, making it an ideal anti-anxiety agent to be used alone or in collaboration with a bath and a massage. It has also been quite effective as a sleep aid. Those who suffer insomnia as a result of stress will benefit from this multi-faceted essential oil.

#2: Benzoin

If your stress is ultimately rooted in depression, Benzoin essential oil is a well known anti-depressant with a reputation for lifting the spirits and promoting tranquility. This oil is frequently found in potpourri and has a religious history. For those seeking a relaxing experience that borders on a spiritual journey, this essential oil is ideal.

#3: Chamomile

The Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology conducted an aromatherapy based placebo study that showed significant favor for this essential oil regarding the treatment of General Anxiety Disorder. If you find yourself under stress for extended periods of time, unleashing the aromatherapy power of chamomile could be the answer.

#4: Lemongrass

Knock out your stress and your bad mood with this therapeutic nerve tonic. As a bonus, this scent will also ward off insects. If you’re looking to relax in an outdoor environment, a touch of lemongrass is guaranteed to enhance the experience.

#5: Jasmine

Even its name sounds like an exotic escape to a far off land which is exactly the effect it should have on your nervous system. Relaxation takes on an exotic and often romantic undertone when incorporated with the jasmine essential oil. This oil is definitely for you if the bath and massage you’re planning is for two.

Aromatherapy is designed to tap into the senses and promote an earth driven, naturally uplifting experience. Because the sense of smell can so often trigger memory, any scent you associate with a pleasant childhood experience could help you to relax. For example, if you and the family used to bake meals together, scents like ginger and cinnamon might appeal to you. This also works the other way around, meaning that if a scent conjures up a negative memory it might not unleash the desired effect. Aromatherapy is a journey into the senses and the recipe that works for you is a matter of the mind. Cheers to rest and relaxation from whichever fragrance drives that spirit home for you.

Author Bio: Cynthia Griffith is a blogger, author and songwriter and has been juggling music, fashion and literature for almost a decade. In 2012, Cynthia published her debut novel, The Sun Village Project, which broke into the Amazon Top 100. Today, Cynthia is an avid blogger for The Granary Apartments and is also the great, great, granddaughter of James Fennimore Cooper, author of The Last of the Mohicans and many other classic American tales.

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