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Finding Joy – Attracting What You Want

woman minimizing stress on beachI think most everyone has heard about the Law of Attraction. The basic tenet states that like energy attracts like energy. That sounds pretty simple, and in reality it is. There is a hitch, however. That hitch is in how dedicated you are to your beliefs and that’s what this article is about. Finding joy is in the depth of your beliefs. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard.

The old saying goes; that anything worth doing is worth doing well. When it comes to realizing your dreams the same applies. In order to be truly effective in attracting your dreams, you must do a couple of things.

First. Be clear in what you want. This doesn’t mean that someday I’d like to be rich. That’s far too vague. When do you want to be rich and what exactly does “rich” mean? How can your mind work with something like that? It would be better to say, “I want to be debt free.” Or, “I want to be successful enough to easily pay for a new Corvette.” Now your mind can picture a Corvette and that can be worked on. See the difference?

Second. Live the belief. This means that you accept the fact that you have what you want even when you don’t yet have it. This may seem hard but look at it like this. Time (past, present, and future) all exist at the same time in that all points are equal. If I say I already have something and am convinced of this, my mind will make this happen. Since time is equal and I believe what I say, I can rest assured that in a future state, I already have what I desire. Therefore it is a true statement and my mind will comply. All I have to do is wait for that moment. In the meantime I will busy myself doing the things I love to advance myself in order to become the kind of person who can own a new Corvette.

Three. Let go. Once you have accomplished the first two steps, now just let go. Work on improving yourself and hold onto your belief. Don’t worry about “if” it will happen as that brings negative emotions which will cancel out your positive intentions. Have faith that what you desire will happen. The confidence you feel will add to your positive intentions and along with your self-application in self-improvement, your desires will appear. Basically – don’t sweat it. Live your joys until that time arrives and you will actually speed up the process plus be much happier along the way.

Keep in mind that this is not magic. If you want something more, make sure you are working on yourself to become the person capable of having more. I cannot overemphasize the necessity of self-improvement. Also remember that self-improvement takes action. So take that action now or your desires may wait until you have changed enough to accept ownership and responsibility.

Having what you want is as simple as believing in yourself and your dreams. Finding joy will be much simpler if, along the way, you remember to let go and enjoy the ride. Life is an adventure. So go live it today!

Author Bio: Steven Morse is a writer deeply interested in spiritual joy. He uses his formal training and experiences gained through extensive travels to reach out and encourage joy. His writing talent has led him to create a blog site at where he is currently giving away a wonderful eBook called, ’10 Ways to Boost Your Joys’. Everyone is encouraged to drop by and pick up a free copy. While you are there, go ahead, read some articles and leave some comments.

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