Deal With Stress

Fight Stress with Fun and Celebration

How to boost self confidence and beat depressionThe world moves quickly and we are all working hard just to “keep up”. The non-stop work  and minimal time for fun and entertainment has become the norm rather than the occasional exception. The end result and consequence of this are a society with continually increasing stress, anxiety and fatigue. Although it may seem like there is no end in sight, it is avoidable if you take the right steps.


Way to overcome the stress

Stress is the result of a hectic schedule and a general lack of time spent focusing on you. The best way to fight stress is to set aside time to have fun. Celebration replaces anxiety, and frequent celebration can ease up your mental anguish. The only way you can fight stress is to take ownership of it and have fun with friends, family and other community members by remaining active, social and alive.


A Real Life Example of Fun

A friend of mine in Miami recently relayed a story of how he uses a community asset to decompress and relax from his stressful, fulltime+ job.  He lives in Miami and is a member of the Miami Beach JCC, which is a community center in the area. The music, activities and fun at the center help melt his problems away, he said. The President of MBJCC Jerry Sokol led an effort to completely recreate it, and it now has amenities that help with stress management (more on the project here). The lesson learned here is that your community might have assets and resourcse in it that you can use to help alleviate your stress.  This could come in the way of yoga classes, pools and spas, or massage centers.  Find what works for you.


Methodology to Fight Stress

The present day situation has become worrisome in terms of lifestyle.  A recent study uncovered that almost 90% of people in the world feel they are victims of stress in some way. Despite this, very few know the exact method to escape from the curse of the busy life. By simply being aware of the issue and leveraging community resources, you already have more tools than the average citizen to excel and succeed.


Stress for a Happy Person is a Myth

A happy person who enjoys the life with friends and family would will still face stress, but it is likely to be significantly reduced. The prime reason behind it is liveliness and activism. If you are lively, then your mind is engaged and not  cluttered with work 24-hours a day. The more refreshed you are, the happier you are.


Optimism to Handle Problems

Problems are a part of life and it will come across in each and every part of life from beginning to end. But the important thing is to keep a check on these problems and resolve them with adequate efficiency. If someone gives in to the problem, then eventually stress and anxiety would kill his efficiency and build up worry and stress. A lonely person is always pessimistic.


Social Attitude Keeps Stress at Bay

If you are social, you are far more likely to keep the stress out of your mind. Society is a powerful weapon to win against the monster called stress and anxiety. Regular involvement and activities with friends and community create a platform to share the feelings and problems with the loved and trusted ones. It creates a window of opportunity where you do not only feel relaxed by sharing your burden but also get quality and appropriate suggestions to tackle the situation.


Cool, Calm and Composed Behavior

A happy, optimistic and social person is one who has all the three qualities of being cool, calm and composed. These three qualities give you enough chance to analyze the problems of life and capability to overcome them in a short span of time.

Never surrender to stress, but rather fight it with fun, enjoyment and celebration. The only way to live a stress-free life is to live among the friends, family and community with joy and happiness.

Author Bio: Glenn Davis is a writer and activist based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  This article was inspired, in part by, reading about the MBJCC and Jerry Sokol in Miami and what they and had done to rejuvenate the center for the community.

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