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Feel Stuck In Life? The Secret To Breaking Any Harmful Pattern (even if you’ve been doing it for years)


Do you ever feel stuck in life?

– Feel stuck financially?

– Feel stuck in your relationships?

– Feel stuck in your health and well-being?

Like there’s some kind of pattern going on inside – and you’re not exactly sure what it is, and what to do about it? But youcan see that it is really holding you back in your life?

If so, rest assured, this is very common. We all have times when we feel stuck in life.

If you feel stuck in life, here are a few HUGE insights that help!

First of all, I’d like you to do something….

Imagine what it would be like if you saw a big breakthrough here.

Like suddenly, that stuck pattern was no longer there. I mean 100% gone.

Stop for a moment.

Take five moments and dream a little…

Now if you feel stuck in life, here’s the good news!

The good news is that if you feel stuck in life in some way, you absolutely CAN clear it. The practices and techniques now exist to completely eradicate ALL limiting patterns of thought, feeling and belief. Really…

Even if you feel stuck in life with the “same old” stuck pattern for a long time. Even if your soul has been silently screaming “bring me to life” for YEARS, it doesn’t have to continue that way anymore. But there’s something more you need to be aware of…

If you feel stuck in life, here’s the "mixed" news!

OK, this takes a little explaining, so stick with me…

No matter how stuck you feel, I’m willing to bet you don’t feel that way 100% of the time. There are times when the sense of feeeling stuck in life is NOT there. There are times when you forget the pattern and you feel okay, even quite good, yes?

In fact, when you really stop and examine your stuck pattern, you may even see it fully disappear for a moment. I’ve seen this happen a lot during “Get Unstuck” sessions. As the client describes the stuck pattern, they suddenly realize…

“Wait a minute… that makes no sense at all! What am I talking about?” LOL.

And they spontaneously drop it.

I’m also willing to bet that you’re no stranger to self-growth. You’ve probably meditated before. Maybe you do yoga, or EFT, or other practices?

But even if you’ve never done inner work before, you’ve probably had at least some GLIMPSES of the enlightened state of bliss, peace and fulfillment — when no stuck pattern is active in that moment.

But herein lies the danger!

When you suddenly drop the stuck-ness for a moment, that doesn’t mean that the underlying pattern and tendencies aren’t still active in your life.

Chances are your stuck pattern has been building momentum for YEARS — maybe since childhood (or earlier???) Just because in one moment that pattern falls away, doesn’t mean it’s not STILL a highly destructive force in your life. Remember, by definition, it’s a PATTERN. It’s been re-occurring for a long time.

Makes sense so far?

Patterns might fall away in the moment, but unless the underlying conditions which cause them are fully eradicated (beliefs, tendencies etc.) then the pattern tends to return over and over. That’s why our stuck patterns continue for YEARS. That’s why we end up passing our “stuff” onto our kids.

If you feel stuck in life, here’s the secret to clearing it for good:

To really break a life-long pattern requires loving determination and resoluteness to “finish the job”.

An interesting image of the “resoluteness” required to fully eradicate engrained patterns can be found in the I-Ching. For anyone new to this, the I-Ching is an ancient Chinese system of divination. It’s a tool to facilitate insight. Each of the 64 “hexagrams” contains a teaching or lesson in how to handle different life-conditions. Now…

The image of Hexagram 43 is one of “Resoluteness,” or you might say, “The determination to bring about a positive breakthrough”.

It depicts exactly the situation I’m describing — a time when significant progress is made in dissolving what is inferior (your stuck patterns). The five dynamic lines advance on the one remaining “inferior element” and attempt to displace it for good.

Read more about this figure here:

The lesson of the figure is to “finish the job”. Because when your patterns are not 100% cleared, they can (and do) re-surface and re-assert themselves later. In fact, that’s exactly why most people feel stuck in life in the same way for YEARS.

So if a stuck pattern has been operating for years then those underlying tendencies are most likely still running. If you want to be free, you need to resolutely keep working until the cause of that pattern has been 100% eradicated. To get a glimpse of the light beyond that pattern, or to dissolve it 95% will not do, if you’re truly serious about getting the results you want.

Hu Ping-wen says: “If but a single inferior man is left, he is sufficient to make the superior man anxious; if but a single inordinate desire be left in the mind, that is sufficient to disturb the harmony of the heavenly principles. The eradication in both cases must be complete, before the labor is ended.”

Here’s your "Get Unstuck" Wake-Up Call!

When stuck patterns are not fully eradicated, they tend to re-assert their control later when you’re not expecting it. Hexagram 23, “Disintegration,” depicts the inverse image of “Resoluteness” — where inferior forces are advancing and threaten to totally overwhelm you:

Remember, your stuck pattern can get worse – MUCH worse. And the consequences can be much more serious than before. This is the reality of what can happen when patterns are allowed time and space to fester and regroup. This is what we want to avoid.

Of course, I’m not saying invalidate those moments when your stuck pattern dissolves. Do celebrate those times when you see the joy and limitless potential that you truly are. This is progress and should be enjoyed and celebrated…

But equally, don’t allow a momentary glimpse of “inner truth” to halt the advance of the good. Don’t be tricked into giving your stuck patterns a “secret corner” in which “they” can re-group before mounting a surprise “counter-attack”. Because that’s exactly why people feel stuck in life for years. And that’s exactly why our “stuff” is passed on to our children, which we obviously don’t want.

Summing Up…

If you’ve been working on stuck patterns and you’ve seen some success — that’s great. Celebrate that. But don’t stop there.

Keep up your inner clearing practice until the job is done and the pattern is 100% eradicated. Otherwise, the pattern will tend to re-assert itself later, oftentimes stronger than before. And anyway, wouldn’t you rather finally be free of it forever so you can enjoy all the blessings life has to offer you? πŸ™‚

So celebrate the gains, but be “resolute” in your determination to keep working until the job is done. (cf. Hex 43).

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Wishing you peace and prosperity

– Matt

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