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Feel Good in 10 Minutes: Try This Exercise

Journal“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.”

-Proverbs 18:21

Words have a special power. Whether they are written or they are spoken, there is a certain magic behind what they can do. Well, it’s not really magic, but it can seem like it when we put their power to the test. We can even change the way we feel and lift our moods, all with a power that comes from within.

We all have our days where we’re just not feeling well, or maybe we’re downright in a bad mood. There’s nothing wrong with that. We’re human beings, and humans are going to have their challenges all the time. But when it can become wrong, is if we decide to stay in that mood, or remain in that feeling in our heads.

Good thing is we don’t have to. We have the power of words.

Words are powerful because they come from our thoughts. Our thoughts are actually things made up of vibrational frequencies, just like electricity from a tower. Though we can’t see the frequencies with our eyes, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Your lights turn on when you flip the switch, don’t they? They are able to do that through their power.

With every thought we think, we’re using our words, and emitting those frequencies with them. There are two different kinds of frequencies that exist; positive and negative. The words we use will determine what kind of energy we feel within, and what kind of energy we’re putting out. This short exercise can bring more positivity to you, to those around you and within.

Exercise: Give yourself 10 minutes, and pull out a paper and pen. Sit down and start writing as many positive words as you can think of. These are words that make you feel good when you see, hear or say them. For me, words like “lovely”, “sunny” and “bright” rang a bell. Start listing them one after one and give the 10 minutes all the brainstorming you’ve got. See how many positive words you can come up with in that time. Can you beat me? I wrote 56 words. If you wrote more, good for you.

After your time is up, go back over your list and say each word out loud. Do this as many times as you’d like and notice what happens. You may start to feel a little better. Maybe you’ll perk up. You might start to feel really, really good. May all that’s positive come to you!

So the next time you’re feeling blue, or maybe because you want to, try this exercise and use the power of words to lift your mood. There are so many good ones to choose from, and they have so much to offer you.

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