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How To Enjoy Stress-Free Marital Bliss

Manage stress & Notice how your sex life improvesMarriage is an amazing experience where two people are always inclined towards each other’s happiness and sorrow. They come together to share a wonderful life and make every part of it a memorable one. But according to some recent studies, the ratio of separation rates have increased drastically which has left many married couple panic stricken. Due to the changing lifestyles, the pattern of our lives has changed. There are many reasons that contribute to the separation of once happily married couples. The proverb, “A Stitch in time saves nine” means a lot. It takes just a little effort to make your relationship healthy.  Keep reading to find out how you too can enjoy stress-free marital bliss.

Study Reports on Marital conflicts

According to a study report, the increasing stress has become the main reasons for divorce among many couples. Stress is a part of life and it comes into picture when our body and mind are coping up to combat with any issue related to job, income or relationship. It is advisable to tackle the stress as a very first step as mismanaged stress has caused several marital conflicts and dissatisfaction. Does that mean that the next time your partner is little stressed out, you need to know the reason? Well I would say, “Yes”. When your partner is feeling tense then you need to keep a polite approach so that your company can sooth your partner in tough times. Lack of communication is also one of the major reasons for separation. Sometimes it is good to take a break from the hectic schedule and spend some quality time with your spouse. Sharing each other’s problems or discomforts will help understand each other well.

Help your partner in managing stress

There have been several instances when your partner might feel really low, this enhanced stress situation can lead to a marital lull. So in such situations it’s likely that your partner might seek your help. Many married couples have failed to sense the necessity of being together during the time of emotional crisis which has taken a toll on their relationship. Mort Fertel, a successful marriage counselor and author of Marriage Fitness states that maintaining marital life is not a very difficult task; it just requires a little attention towards each other. Making your partner feel that they are top on your priority list can help you to find the magic in your relationship. According to him, the small tactic of making each other feel special could help to bring the spark again.

But the million dollar question is, if that is so simple then why are most relationships on the verge of being broken. The guide and counselor of Marriage fitness states that the most crucial part of every relationship is the time spent with each other. The more time you spend with your spouse, the more you explore and discover about your relationship. In many cases the glowing relationship has faded due to the lack of quality time spent together. Thus, author Mort Fertel suggests that spending more time with each other strengthens your bond and trust.

By following the little but important tips you will be able to bring the magic back into your marriage. Spending more quality time with your spouse while having dinner or walking in the park will help you to regain the intimacy which you once shared. Loving and caring for each other can help you prevent the frequent marital conflicts. It is said that marriage is a wonderful institution. Thus committed and dedicated partners can make the institution run smoothly for an indefinite period.

Author Bio: Michael J. Smith.  Mike is a holistic life coach and counselor in Vermont. Many of the tips in this article were inspired by reading the content on the Mort Fertel website.

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