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Don’t Stress! Embrace Your Uniqueness!

Because we are such complicated creatures we do have a tendency to be high strung about everything. Most of our stress factors too stem from the fact that we have so much confidence in ourselves that we have a tendency to want to do it all. We live in dream world of perfection and order because we impose it on ourselves. Why do you think men are less stressed than we are? They couldn’t care less! But we on the other hand care about every minute detail. Even the hair in our pony tail can’t be out of place.

Give yourselves break! The essence of being a woman isn’t dependent on how clean your house is or how well you get a job done. Stop being so strait and you’ll do yourself a lot of good. We were all born with flaws; we either deal with it and enhance it or just change the whole package. The second is a little bit difficult especially for people who are always worried about what other people will say or are forever dependent upon people’s opinion of them. Change, although exciting and liberating can be very scary for so many women and so dealing with the flaws and enhancing is a better option.

How do can you embrace your uniqueness? First of all get to know yourself. Michael Jackson’s song, man in the mirror is not far from the truth. You want to get your answers and get to know the real you; then look in the mirror and you’ll see yourself staring back at you. Ask yourself, what is it that you really want? Who are you and why are you where you are at that moment? Heavy stuff I know but if you want answers, you will definitely get it.

Another way to get to embrace the real you is to start a journal. You know those diaries that young people have actually has a purpose and it’s not only for keeping secret crushes; it is to keep you track of where you are and where you are going. Writing in a journal also gives you the freedom to express your deepest thoughts and biggest dreams. Writing it down makes it all real and it starts to become alive and it makes you feel motivated to work harder. Journals also help you get those bad, negative thoughts that are eating at you; the more you keep it to yourself the more it takes root and grows and soon you are all wired up and ready to explode. Writing is a good therapy, start now.

Being at peace with yourself will help you embrace the beautiful person that you are. Acceptance is the key and in order to find peace you need to learn how to meditate and find your balance. While some people think Yoga is just a fad, it actually has so many benefits and so this is why this form of meditation has been in existence for centuries. Yoga, contrary to common belief is not a religion. It is associated with religion because of the meditation involved in some religion that is akin to the meditation done in yoga as well as the terminologies used in the practice but it is now very popular because yoga helps you release stress, find your balance and instills peace within.

So save the world from the drama and get your act in place. The world is still turning even after you stopped rocking the cradle and running all the errands for every member of your family. You deserve to live a life that is fun and carefree. Embrace your complexities and enjoy your uniqueness!

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