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Eliminate Clutter Inside and Out

How to clear your mind of stressOur lives are filled with so much clutter, both physically and mentally, that it’s time to stop weighing ourselves down with countless energy zappers and start clearing the way for balance and concentration. Yes, it’s time to do some spring-cleaning. You’re all familiar with how important it is to unclutter your home of useless products, papers and junk. It’s just as important to reduce the needless worry, hassles and unproductive behaviors that slow you down.  Here are some ways to empty your shelves, plus clear your mind so you can move forward with renewed energy and purpose.

If you find your home messy and unorganized and filled with items that don’t justify the space they occupy, you know it’s time to let stuff go.   This will open you up to new things coming into your life. With that in mind, you need to throw out old medicines that have expired or that you have no use for any more. Discard containers with partially used grooming products that you haven’t used for more than six months. Clear away old clothes, useless souvenirs, outdated magazines and create a vision of how you can occupy the space more efficiently.

Then, start to rid yourself of the following mental and emotional clutter to allow exciting opportunities and possibilities to present themselves.  So, eliminate your need to always be right or thoughts that you are not good enough. Lose the belief that you are alone or unloved. Counter the fear that you sometimes look foolish, are not smart enough or rich enough.  Give up your negative thinking, insecurities and perpetual self-defeating habits that constantly put you down. Drop thoughts of regret, sorrow or resentments and stop putting off what can be done now.  Withdraw from energy-draining relationships and most importantly, start focusing on the special things that will make your life better.

An uncluttered life maximizes mental clarity, which allows for greater productivity, energy and motivation.  How can you move forward when your environment is so chaotic?  By eliminating worn-out collectibles and useless habits, you also eliminate destructive thoughts and behaviors that are counter-productive. Become clutter-free from the inside out and you will be rewarded for creating an ideal haven for peace, joy and abundant living.

Author Bio: Amy Sherman has a masters degree in counseling/psychology and is a Dating/Relationship Coach, plus the founder of Baby Boomers’ Network.  Amy is the author of the ebook, “Distress-Free Aging: A Boomer’s Guide to Creating a Fulfilled and Purposeful Life” and “The Joy of Optimism 10-Lesson eCourse. Visit to learn more about boomer issues and to receive a Special Report on Overcoming Adversity.  Contact her by email

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