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De-Stress: 5 Design Tricks to Make Your Home More Tranquil

Using cool colors is one of the 5 Design Tricks to Make Your Home More TranquilThe Huffington Post recently stated that an estimated eight out of every 10 Americans find at least one aspect of their job stressful. This represents a 10 percent increase in reported workplace stress in just the last 12 months. This is also why it has become increasingly critical to ensure your time away from work is as stress-free as possible. Use these 5 design tricks to make your home more tranquil :

Trick 1: Add a Water Feature

There is nothing so soothing as the sound of gurgling water. Whether you choose a large  statue with a bubbling fountain for your garden or an indoor aquarium with colorful fish that your whole family can enjoy, adding a water feature is a guaranteed stress buster.

Trick 2: Choose Colors Carefully

The field of “color psychology” focuses how different colors can affect people. However, the same colors might affect people differently. If you notice that red makes you feel hungry and blue makes you feel sleepy, this can give you clues about which colors are the best choice for achieving peace your home space.

Trick 3: Reduce Clutter

Clutter is stressful. After a stressful day at the office and a rush hour commute, just the sight of a big pile of unread mail or overflowing recyclables containers can cause blood pressure to rise. Be sure you have a specific place for anything on your home “to do” list that is out of the way of your normal traffic patterns – such as behind a door in your home office or out in the garage.

Trick 4: Consider Feng Shui

There are interior design consultants who can assess your home space according to the ancient principles of Feng Shui, which looks at light, movement, placement, color, and other aspects to harmonize your home to your goals. If you have ever walked into a space and just felt more at peace, you may have been standing in a space treated by a Feng Shui practitioner.

Trick 5: Get a Pet

There is nothing so stress-relieving as being enthusiastically greeted at the door by your favorite non-human companion. Coming home to instant love and affection can go a long way towards diffusing workplace stress right away.

Karleia is a freelance blogger, personal development fanatic and home decor enthusiast. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her two young daughters and husband. She recommends Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions for top quality custom window treatments.



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