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How A Daily Gratitude Practice Changed My Life

imageHow A Daily Gratitude Practice Will Instantly Change Your Life

I recently did a test. I did a test on myself first to make sure it would work. It was basically a simple test to see how quickly I could get positive things to consistently show up in my life by simply choosing sincere gratitude over complaining and also shifting any negative thoughts into finding something specific at the moment of negative thought to be grateful for.

Now trust me, I’m no newbie at being thankful or having extreme gratitude for positive people and experiences that show up in my life. I have practiced being mindful over my thoughts for years, but this was different. Mainly because it was very deliberate in focus. I made a point not to complain about anything, no matter what, and anytime a negative thought would even try to surface, I would catch it and immediately shift the thought into gratitude for something around me, or for a person or an experience that I may have had in the past. I did this first for 14 days. The first few days were tough because I would slip up and complain about a slow server at a restaurant, or complain about getting phone calls from people that I didn’t really want to talk to, but by the 5th day I was pretty focused and as the days progressed I noticed a REAL shift. Things felt different. They felt different, because they were different. My phone had quit ringing with annoying phone calls and anytime I went out to eat, the server would be extremely nice to me. Maybe you have heard this saying before… “Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows” It’s SO TRUE! Training myself to focus on just simply being grateful, opened up the door for more things to flow into my life to be grateful for! Over the two weeks, I picked up several new clients, someone unexpectedly sent me money out of the blue for no reason, and I had fresh creative ideas flowing to me daily. I liked what was happening so much I talked a friend of mine into doing the same test and similar positive things started happening for him.

Sure, we know we should show more gratitude in our daily lives, but how many of us actually do it? Probably not a majority-but with results this good, how can you NOT???

With our ability to be more connected now than ever, it’s easy to fixate on what others have. With this mindset, disappointment becomes inevitable at some point. No one can have everything. However, challenging yourself to not just be content with, but to be thankful for positive things, people and experiences you do have in your life, is a sure way to get more good things to come your way!

Implementing a daily gratitude practice, in spite of what you don’t have will instantly change your life! It has certainly changed mine! Mainly because there’s an energy shift, and if you refuse to give attention to negative things, they tend to dissipate.

Daily gratitude also makes us better people to be around. This sense of appreciation can lead us to be more trusting of others, thus creating new relationships and deepening the ones we already have. I challenge you to a test.. a daily gratitude test! Try it every day for two weeks and please write me to let me know how it goes! If you need help with this or any other area in your life that you want to see improved feel free to hit me up for a FREE coaching session.

Author Bio: Tye Coe is a Strategic Intervention Life, Business and Relationship Coach! With over 15 years in the fashion and beauty industry, she works one on one with many creative artists, models and stylists. If you have BIG DREAMS, but need help making them come true, She can help you! To get more advice or FREE coaching to help you land your dream job, develop your business, relationship or find your perfect career path, visit her at

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Absolutely love this! It always irks me when people just can’t appreciate everything they have and prefer to focus on the negative things. Wish everyone could read this article and learn from it.

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