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Clear The Clutter: How To Get Rid Of The Extras In Your Life For Less Stress And Anxiety

How To Get Rid Of The Extras In Your Life For Less Stress And AnxietyMany people don’t realize that having an excess amount of belongings can contribute a great deal towards the stress and anxiety in their lives. You may have begun to notice that you can’t find anything in all your clutter or are tripping over things just trying to get out the door. Clutter is not good for your health, but you can improve your life drastically by finding ways to rid your home of things you really just don’t need any longer.

Donate to the Needy

There are people in the world that have absolutely nothing. Your extra chair could be the only thing they have to sit on or your nice suit you no longer wear could be what they wear to the job interview that turns their life around. You could be helping to change someone’s life for the better with each item you donate. Look up different charities so see which ones could benefit most from the items you don’t need anymore at home.

Consignment Shop

If you have very nice items that you feel are worth something, then consider taking them to a consignment shop. The items will be out of your home, and the shop will sell them for you for a percentage of the proceeds. Knowing that you got your money’s worth will give you peace of mind with getting rid of your items, and clear you home out.


You may have a basement or garage full of items that can be recycled. If you have large amounts or heavy items that can be recycled, then you may be looking at making some money. Either way, recycling helps you rid yourself of useless items while helping the environment.

Yard Sale

Host a weekend yard sale, and make a little money while making your home free of clutter. This is a great way to get rid of items you don’t want anymore, but wouldn’t be able to sell online. Having a yard sale means instant cash and getting rid of your extras quickly. Donate whatever is left over.

Head to the Dump

If you have any items that are soiled, ripped, torn or damaged in any way, then it is time to send them to the dump. You have more important things to do than fix old broken things. Having these items gone will make your home feel much lighter and more organized, setting the tone for a stress-free zone.

Store Items

If you have gotten rid of absolutely everything you can and still don’t have enough room, then get yourself a storage unit so your house can be clean and clear. This is a great solution for items such as holiday decorations that you need only take out once a year, or furniture you aren’t currently using. Renting a storage unit is a great way to clear items out of your home without dealing with the anxiety of giving up items you still want or may need in the future.

You will do best at reducing your clutter if you don’t allow yourself to dwell on each object. Go through your things quickly, and don’t keep it if you haven’t used it or even seen it in a year or longer. Don’t keep clothing you may fit in again one day or items someone in your family might possibly be interested in. Ridding your life of unneeded clutter can make a big difference in your overall stress levels.

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