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Can’t Clear Your Mind? Maybe You Should Get Up and Dance!

clear your mind by dancingQuietly meditating can do a lot to boost your mood and “clear your mind of can’t”. But if you are just sitting and fretting, listening to the clock tick, wondering if your time is up yet, then maybe it’s time to shift gears. Maybe it is time to get up and dance your thoughts away.

I am not talking about steps and choreography. I’m talking about dancing like little kids dance. Goofy and silly, and whatever feels good. Dancing for all its worth can shut off your thinking. You clear your mind because you don’t need it to dance.

Whoever created the phrase, “dance like no one’s watching,” had the right idea. It doesn’t matter if you put on rock ‘n roll, African drums, or swing. There is some kind of music out there that will sweep you away.

As long as you don’t run into your furniture, you can even close your eyes. Music is about feeling, and if you can feel yourself letting go of whatever ties your thoughts in knots, then you can feel momentarily free.

Dancing Won’t Solve Your Problems

Way back in 1973, Dobie Grey sang, “free my soul, I want to get lost in your rock and roll.” When we lose ourselves for a moment or two into the sound and movement of music, it does not make the problems of life disappear. But it clears our minds of the extra clutter that we dump on our problems by worrying, over analyzing, or feeling guilty.

When you clear your mind by becoming totally absorbed in anything else, you can gain a new perspective. Sort of like how the air smells after a rain. Everything seems a little fresher, and more manageable.

Dance in Joy and in Sorrow

Dancing is not just about feeling good. Dancing is almost primal; an expression of human emotions that has been around since we lit the first fire.

No one demonstrates this better than the wonderful character Zorba, the Greek. Zorba’s story is told by a young, uptight and unnamed narrator, with plenty of intellectual expertise, but little experience in the muck of life. It is Zorba, the old man, who knows how life should be lived. When the young man has finally loved, and lost almost everything, his emotional and spiritual awakening finally begins. And he asks Zorba to teach him to dance.

Clear Your Mind Throughout Your Day

When we first begin a mediation practice, it is easy to separate our meditation time from what we consider real life. We push ourselves through hours of stress, then try to find twenty minutes to make everything all right.

But if we can dance, or sing, or do anything else that draws us away from being negative, then we can do that at any time.

What about you? Have you found that it clears your mind to dance, or walk, or listen to music? I would enjoy hearing what helps you. Just add a comment below.

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Doesn’t even require a radio or IPod for me. I often dance to the music in my head (scary?) or a commercial or TV theme. It definitely gives me the old “Calgon” moment.
Boogie on!

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